We are excited to announce the first group of community-created device integrations are now released to SmartThings Labs for anyone to check out. This TCP integration was created by none other than Todd Wackford (@twack).

Product Info

The Smart Lighting Systems by TCP allow you to control the lighting in your home remotely and wirelessly. Off, on and dimming. Use the TCP Bulbs (Connect) SmartApp to easily connect these products to your SmartThings system.

TCP Bulb support requires running Hub Firmware 0.11.603. This is now available to all customers (it has been marked Current Release). However, it will still be some time until all hubs in the field are running 0.11.603. If you do not have the correct version, you will be told that an update is required. To update your hub, use the latest Android or iOS app and follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the main menu by tapping the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner
  2. Tap on the gear next to your location name to go into Location Settings
  3. Tap on your hub to go into Hub Settings
  4. Tap Update Hub

Known Issues

  • If more than 3 TCP bulbs are grouped into a single Dashboard Lights & Switches shortcut, and is it tapped to control more than 3 TCP bulbs at once, ONLY 3 will respond to the command (and which 3 respond can be random). The same issue will impact SmartApps or automations (in Lights & Switches, Hello Home, or any other SmartApp from the catalog that interacts with locks) that attempt to send commands to more than 3 TCP light bulbs as part of an action.
    • This issue does not have an impact on the total number of TCP bulbs that can be discovered using the service manager, and controlled individually using the Things view, or shortcuts that include fewer than 3 TCP bulbs.
    Please discuss this integration here on the community site.

    Read more about this new Labs release on the blog.

I purchased a starter kit which arrived the day the Labs released this. Only 2 bulbs. Seemed to work great. Almost ran out to Home Depot to pick up 5 more. But then I started to add them into existing apps. Then the 2nd bulb started to fail to respond to dimming, just as stated above with 3 bulbs. Now it doesn’t always fail, but it does at least 50% of the time. ST thinks it hears the commands as I can go to things and ST is reporting it did dim correctly. Again, doesn’t always fail.

As I watch the order the two lights turn on, this is the second one. This is the only one that seems to have the problem. The first in the chain as never failed. As stated above, if I just adjust it in Things, it works flawlessly. Seems to only fail as a Shortcut, From an app and from a mode.

I just wanted to clarify that it doesn’t always have to be 3, at least for me.

Do you need the gateway module or will the bulbs work by themselves like the Iris IQ bulbs?

Would also love to know if you need the Gateway or if individual bulbs will just work!

You do need the Gateway. You can pick up the Gateway along with two bulbs at Home Depot or for 49.95.

Thanks… may go and pick a set up as cheaper than my Hue bulbs for areas where color isn’t so important!

Awesome! This works fantastic :smiley:

I set mine up to turn on after motion but it never turns on when motion is detected. I don’t see anything obvious in the logs.

Otherwise they seem to work.

Any idea why motion does not trigger this light to go on?

Do you see the motion detect in the log? Do you see the “on” command being issued?

Here is what I get in the four motion logs:

196417a2-0b53-4a81-b0f7-a1b9ebcf491f 10:31:55 PM: debug Parse returned [[value:inactive, name:motion, descriptionText:Office Multisensor motion has stopped, isStateChange:false, displayed:false, linkText:Office Multisensor]]
196417a2-0b53-4a81-b0f7-a1b9ebcf491f 10:31:54 PM: debug Parse returned [[value:inactive, name:motion, descriptionText:Office Multisensor motion has stopped, isStateChange:true, displayed:true, linkText:Office Multisensor]]

c11daaa6-6cac-42e2-a44f-c95a96faa189 10:31:55 PM: trace modeOk = false
c11daaa6-6cac-42e2-a44f-c95a96faa189 10:31:55 PM: trace motionHandler, anyOff: Office
c11daaa6-6cac-42e2-a44f-c95a96faa189 10:31:55 PM: trace motionHandler, othersActive: false
c11daaa6-6cac-42e2-a44f-c95a96faa189 10:31:55 PM: trace motionHandler(motion: inactive) turnOffAfter: null min

3633ac71-f976-4317-9eec-c0f9e8998cac 10:31:55 PM: info SOLUTION_SUMMARY data: [[icon:indicator-dot-green, iconColor:#878787, default:true, value:No motion]]
3633ac71-f976-4317-9eec-c0f9e8998cac 10:31:55 PM: trace motionCount: 2, cameraCount: 0
3633ac71-f976-4317-9eec-c0f9e8998cac 10:31:55 PM: trace activeCount: 0, notActiveCount: 2
3633ac71-f976-4317-9eec-c0f9e8998cac 10:31:55 PM: debug Family Room states: [[summary:inactive]]
3633ac71-f976-4317-9eec-c0f9e8998cac 10:31:55 PM: debug Office states: [[summary:inactive]]
3633ac71-f976-4317-9eec-c0f9e8998cac 10:31:55 PM: trace setSolutionEvent()
3633ac71-f976-4317-9eec-c0f9e8998cac 10:31:55 PM: info SOLUTION_STATE stateData: [activeCount:0, inactiveCount:1, cameraCount:0, icon:st.motion.motion.inactive, backgroundColor:#e8e9eb]
3633ac71-f976-4317-9eec-c0f9e8998cac 10:31:55 PM: trace setSolutionState()
3633ac71-f976-4317-9eec-c0f9e8998cac 10:31:55 PM: trace updateSolutionState([Office Multisensor]) - overrideValue:null
3633ac71-f976-4317-9eec-c0f9e8998cac 10:31:55 PM: info switchHandler(Office Multisensor, motion:inactive)

3ea46dea-96fb-4845-b42a-2dff25c2f850 10:32:43 PM: trace Not sending alert
3ea46dea-96fb-4845-b42a-2dff25c2f850 10:32:43 PM: trace modeOk = false

So motion is detected. What shows in the activity log for the bulbs?

I don’t get anything. However, if I turn it on from the shortcut I get this:

ecda8a55-b3b1-4e55-85d5-625acc8bde6a 10:57:57 PM: debug In locationHandler()

I seem to be having some communication issue, though Internet and wireless seems OK. I don’t see issues at

I’ll check it out tomorrow and see if it is still an issue.

I’m seeing the same issues with non-TCP lights tonight. My GE dimmers are acting the same way. I’m also seeing status sync issues between my iOS and Android devices. They don’t always have teh same device status.

Could you tell me if I need the TCP hub to make these work, or can they somehow be connected to my existing Philips Hue Hub.

@gpajak You would need the TCP connected hub in order to use them in the ST app.

I still can’t get this to trigger. The strange thing is it WILL trigger if I use IFTTT!

Gets stranger…

IFTTT triggers an ON alright but ST never displays it as on in the Dashboard but does in Things.

Also IFTTT logs show an error:

error OK @ line 169

Home Depot has them back in stock and at a lower price than Amazon. Home Depot price $16.97. Amazon = $22.99.


so with tcp lights you have no option to use the normal switch?

Seems to me that while I would like to use TCP lights to add to ST. There are times where I just want to walk in a room and hit the switch and not load the app.