TCP Bulb Reviews?

My local HD has a ton of TCP connected bulbs on clearance. Anyone have thoughts about TCP that they would be willing to share? I have a v1 hub and understand that I would need to use the TCP hub as well. Once the connection is made can I then control each light individually from ST?

Yes. but read this. I would stay away from TCP with ST. They work great with their stand alone app. But ST integration is no good.

I have 25 TCP bulbs integrated with Smartthings. Overall, they work…OK.

Having said that, I would never recommend anyone to buy TCP or integrate them with SmartThings. Here is why:

  1. Routine issue experienced daily - I have to manually refresh in ST each individual bulbs to see whether it is really on or off. ST rarely knows if the bulb is on or off. I even used Pollister to try to remedy this.

  2. I have one bulb that has quit responding to ST. It does respond to the TCP app. After talking to ST support, the answer seems to be to remove the bulb from ST. Now it gets bad…I can’t remove the single bulb because ST/TCP throws an error. So the answer becomes I need to remove ALL of the TCP bulbs and reinstall them into ST. That would be bad enough on its own but it gets worse…my harmony hub with its activities are tied into ST and the TCP bulbs, so now I have to remove the harmony hub and reinstall it. Of course, everything funnels through to my Amazon Echo…

Basically, I would have to unravel my entire HA setup (hours of rebuilding time) just to get ST to re-recognize a single TCP bulb.

As for me, I will never install another bulb that requires it’s own hub…

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