TCP Bulbs working individually, but not with fixtures

So I just got an old v1 hub this weekend and a set of TCP bulbs. After some playing around with them and getting everything working I seem to have hit a roadblock with the ST/TCP integration.

I have a set of 2 living room lamps, LR1 and LR2. If I have them setup as individual bulbs in the TCP app, they import and connect fine within ST and TCP Connect. I can even control them fine. The issue comes when i try to make a fixture in the TCP app, say LRLights. I can import the fixture using TCP Connect in the ST app, but the name comes up as “LRLights null”. Once imported none of the functions for on/off or dimming the bulbs seem to work.

I’ve seen similar issues from the “TCP Connection Issues 10/27” thread on here, but haven’t found any reference on specific issues with fixtures not working in the ST app. Any suggestions for solutions would be most helpful!