Tamper Resistant Receptacle

(Beckwith) #1

Has anyone tried this receptacle with ST:

I’m having some remodeling done and our code now requires TR receptacles . This is the only Z-Wave TR receptacle that I can find.

(Morgan) #2

Let me know what you find if you get one. Those look SO deep it might be a pain to install those receptacles.

(Chrisb) #3

Just out of curiosity, what makes an outlet Tamper Resistant?

Generally speaking, most Z-wave devices will work with SmartThings. As this appears to be a pretty straight forward z-wave outlet, I would assume it works. On the off chance it doesn’t work out of the box I suspect support would probably be able to get it working for you without too much effort.

(Greg) #4

Tamper Resistant means that it has those little tabs that have to get pushed aside when you plug something in. This means you don’t have to put those little plastic plugs in to make it safe for kids.

(Beckwith) #5

I ordered one and it is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I’ll see if it works with ST and let you know.

(Andrew Urman) #6

@beckwith let me know and I can add it to the list. The other Enerwave devices have been reported to work.

(Beckwith) #7

Got it. The switch works but the LED indicator status can’t be changed. The instructions indicate it is configurable.