GE Z Wave Tamper Resistant Outlet Not Connecting

I had to do a mass reset on my Smartthings Hub which caused me to have to reconnect all my devices. I have a handful of Homeseer dimmer switches which I was able to do a panel reset on the device itself and then reconnect to my hub. I also have 2 GE z-wave tamper-resistant outlet and for some reason, I have tried everything to add the device back on to hub, but am unable to do so.

I have tried - moving hub into same room and manually resetting the outlet itself, but no matter what I try it does not show up as a “Thing” to add on my hub. On my Smartthings app I have tried to do the z-wave exclusion mode but nothing happens when I do this.

Any advice? They worked perfectly fine yesterday, but now do not.

Try killing the power to the outlets by shutting off the breaker for a few minutes. Are the devices still showing in IDE?