Leviton Z-wave receptacle

Just a curious question…
I was at my local Home Depot this weekend and passed by these on the shelf .I wondered if they would work with SmartThings. I did check the compatible device list but they’re not on their. Does anybody know if they will work with SmartThings or not?



I have 3 installed and connected to ST. Works like a charm. Only problems I had was 1) Get ST to recognize it (just do a generic search with the st app and press the little on/off button on the receptacle.) 2) Controlling it after I installed it within a metal receptacle box. The latter was inside a garage behind a steel door quite a ways from my hub. I re-installed it several times and eventually put a repeater in between it and the hub.I re-installed the receptacle and voila… :smile:

It should work as a basic switch.

You probably already know this but just in case, because some people miss it before they buy: only one of the two outlets is zwave controllable. The other outlet is a regular nonnetworked outlet. The one that is zwave has an indicator, maybe the word “controller,” on it.

Amazon concours, it works with smartthings. The biggest complaint is that it doesn’t come with the pictured faceplate. :slight_smile:

We should also note that, unlike the identical looking Vizia model from Leviton, this model doesn’t do instant status update. That would most likely be an issue if you intended to use the big switch app with it.

use it, works like a expected. takes about 3 seconds to update state

Thanks for all the replies. I’m looking to get rid of my outlet that sits on another outlet (the smart power outlet). While it has worked very well I would just like a cleaner look and this appears to be the answer. Really appreciate all the feedback :smile:

Here’s another good alternative if you want to save a couple of $$. http://www.lowes.com/pd_650033-1353-12721222___?productId=50329997&pl=1&Ntt=ge+iris
I’ve a bunch of these and never had an issue with any of them.

I have the Lowes one above as well, but bought mine from Amazon. Works great, paired easily.

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