System issue today?


Anyone else seeing issue today? Log is showing a few devices not responding. Just about every zwave device is failing to update routes during zwave repair. DSC alarm panel status is not updating.

Multiple device issues and lack of response from Support
(sidjohn1) #2

I just did a successful double tap, so things are working fine over here. You make want to try rebooting your hub, then running a zwave repair. If still no love there is always

(Ron Marsden) #3

This has been going on with me for 5 days and support is not talking

(Ron Marsden) #4

I’ve done a number of reboots and the z-wave repair two or three times with no results.


Everything started working again once I power cycled the entire house. Must be a zwave device dying causing the entire mesh to get out of wack. Now to find out which device it is to replace :(… Would be nice if the log could indicate which one it is.