Z-Wave Falling Apart

Hi All,

Over the last few weeks my Z-Wave devices are starting to drop off the network. Today I went round my house and removed, then re-added all the failed devices.

I then put my ST in it’s usual place and ran a Z-Wave repair to make sure all the routes are updated. I did this because I have to use a 30ft Network cable to add all the devices, which means in theory the route back to ST would be incorrect.

Now a whole bunch of other devices are failed, including ones I just fixed…

Any suggestions welcome.

Yours is the fifth thread in the last couple of weeks to report a similar problem. Could be coincidence, but read the following topic to see what others have done. And definitely get in touch with support.

I’ve been having the same issue and contact support twice on it and they refreshed the connection from their end and it would seem to fix the problem but for only a day and then my device fall off again. I had issues with my Hue’s and a few window/door sensors. The weird thing is that that all still work if I open and close the doors/windows it will register in smartthings so I know there still is a connection. The same with the hue’s I can go to a bulb that says its unavailable and still control it if I hit the X in the upper right hand corner. This has been happening for a while. I was told by support to unplug my hub and plug it back in but that didn’t work.

Add me to this list. I seem to have issues constantly with this platform.

My zwave lock has been going in and out as well. It’s unavailable as of this post. I don’t understand why there are so many issues.

My ihome plugs too are randomly going unavailable. Homekit and the ihome App can still see them and control them but smartthings can’t. So it’s not the device. Awesome.

I started having a bunch of similar issues after running pretty smoothly for months. I found a GE switch that was not responding, forced remove, powered off hub, waited 20 minutes, powered back, and all the other non working, partially working devices came back to life. As a humorous note I received a survey from Samsung when this was happening. Bad timing Samsung. As for the GE switch, still offline, looks defective.

I can confirm similar issues over the past week. Had stuff not turn on when it should, delays or not at all. Especially over this past weekend. Happens 2 or 3 times per year. Always combined with a burst of outage email notifications from ST. Sometimes when the platform breaks, our networks break too. I had to re-include two GE z-wave outlets yesterday and that’s just the stuff I happened to notice. Might be more, but I have better things to do!

Note after re-including the Z-wave outlets I no longer have an option to turn on/off/never the annoying blue light. The device handler changed, the outlets that didn’t fall off the network still using the old handler.

After looking at the other threads I concluded that turning off Device Health was the answer. And now everything has settled down again, and everything appears to be working…

First time where my Schlegel lock is going offline periodically. Never experienced this before

Same here with my lock. Been having issues with all of my ihome plugs recently as well.