Multiple device issues and lack of response from Support

(Ron Marsden) #1

For the past five days I’ve had half a dozen of my 65 devices suddenly stop working with others only working sporadically. I contacted Support immediately and have had only one actual response. My setup was working perfectly up until this and now I simply can’t trust it to do what I want.

I’ve sent numerous e-mails to support and no one has responded. Can’t even Chat with them today.

What’s going on?
Anyone else having these issues?

(sidjohn1) #2

Well, support is not 24x7x365 as of yet. Yes i know that sucks. some else posted something similar earlier today, but i am not personally effected. You mentioned 6 devices of 65 stopped working. Is there something they all have in common? Are that all in a similar area of your home, zigbee, zwave, or is it completely random?

(Ron Marsden) #3

All Z-wave but in different “Rooms” and areas of the house. Also, different types of devices, wall plugs, Dimmer switches, plug-in modules, etc.
I’ve done all the usual fixes, short and long hard boots and z-wave repair. Still nothing fixed.

I know support is not 24/7 but it’s been 5 days.

(Tony Wood) #4

Yep. I have not heard from support. I am a new customer and at the first setup it fails and says contact customer support for a new code… I email them and nothing… Seems they do not have the staff to support their products.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #5

I was afraid that could happen, considering the obvious huge demand and sales of Hub V2 and perhaps less than risk averse decision to release App V2 the same day.

@tyler1 is likely aware of the Support backlog, but he’s been great at responding to concerns in some threads similar to this Topic…