HomeSeer HS-LS100+ Leak Sensor

I have a HomeSeer HS-LS100+ Leak Sensor connected to a Samsung SmartThings hub. I am using the device handler that came from the HomeSeer site and it was working correctly in the past. However, now when I try to pull up the device on the SmartThings app, all I get is a white screen. Any idea what is happening and how to fix this?

I thought about removing the device and then the device handler and then reloading it, but this device is under my dishwasher and I really don’t want to have to remove the front panel to get to it unless I have to.

I’m assuming this is happening in the new app? Does it work in the Classic app? I wouldn’t reset or do anything with the device because it’s likely just the ongoing woes and bugginess of the new app. If you wait for a while (hour, hours, day, days?), it will probable come back fine. What about force closing the app and restarting it?

John - Indeed this is with the new app. I am fairly new to SmartThings and when I got started I figured it was best to work with the new app, so that is what I have been using. Based on everything I have seen in this community, it may be time to switch to the Classic app. The device still appears to be working in IDE as it is reporting temperatures regularly. So as you indicate, I think it is an app issue. I guess I’ll just wait the hours, days, weeks, … until the glitch is corrected.

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Well, It took about 2 months, but the data from my HomeSeer HS-LS100+ leak sensor now displays in the SmartThings app.