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I’m slowly trying to move to the new SmartThings app, and it’s certainly come a long way recently. At the risk of asking a silly question, I’m not clear what the difference is between the standard icon the app uses for motion sensors and multi sensors (like the Aeotec multi sensor 6) Which looks like a dark gray/black square with a green dot in the middle and a very similar icon that has three red lines out of the top left side.

My ecobee smart sensors have the three red lines with the black box/green dot icon but other motion sensors/multi sensors don’t and I’m not clear what it’s supposed to indicate.

I just installed an Aeotec water sensor (one with probes on an extended cable) and the classic app shows it working correctly but the new app shows it as the black box/green dot with the three red lines. It also does not show wet/dry status like other leak sensors show. When I look at details it shows what looks like a cloud with a slash through it for status. My guess is that indicates it’s not working somehow, yet appears fine in the classic app.

I was hoping there was an icon guide somewhere as when you’ve got 110+ sensors/devices it gets confusing differentiating what some of the icons are supposed to mean. And no custom icons yet either I’m assuming!

I see the three red lines when a device is active or on. For example… my motion sensors display the three lines when they are active but no lines when there is no activity. My cameras display the three red lines when they are turned on but no lines when they are off. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks! That was my initial guess as well but some of the icons are permanently like that, at least I’ve never “caught” them in the no motion state. Specifically the ecobee smartsensors are 100% of the time indicating the red lines, even when the app shows unoccupied and we’ve long since left home. Even stranger is why my Aeotec water sensor is displaying the red lines permanently.

The water sensor discrepancy along with the cloud with the slash through it is also confusing, especially as it’s showing what you’d expect in the classic app. It’s the only one doing that, all others seem to be reporting the same state in the new and old apps.

The cloud with a slash means the device is offline. But having written that, the device may or may not be controllable in the new app. I have one z-wave device that constantly shows as disconnected but still works. Go figure!

Got it. Sounds like the new app has some ways to go still. Appreciate the info!

Quick update on this one. After throwing a cup of water over the water probes, the alert successfully triggered and alerted on the new and old apps. The icon is no longer showing the three red lines and after drying it off it behaves like the other water sensors I have and shows “dry” as the status. Looks like things are working fine now.

For some reason the ecobee room sensor icon always show as motion active, even if the motion capability shows no motion. I’ve reported it a couple times but :man_shrugging:t2:

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