Sylvania Zigbee Starter Kit (Gateway & bulb) $13.99 w/Prime

If you’re looking for a cheap gateway so that you can more easily upgrade the firmware of Osram/Sylvania devices, here you go…

I’m not sure now if that gateway would provide a newer firmware than SmartThings does. Sylvania has retired the Lightify brand and their new Smart+ brand doesn’t work with the gateway.

I have some Gardenspots that are still on an older firmware and Smartthings says that it is the latest even though I have other Gardenspots that are on a newer firmware. I’m hoping that the Lightiy Gateway might show differently. Anyway, it was cheap enough to try.

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I don’t think that is true.

Interesting! Thought I had read otherwise somewhere.

As I suspected, with the hub, it saw that my Gardenspots were on the old firmware and I was able to update it. I don’t know why SmartThing OTA says that it was on the latest firmware when it obviously isn’t.

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Probably is the latest firmware Sylvania has submitted to Samsung.