25% off Sylvania/Lightify through 11/14

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Offer Valid 11/10/2016 - 11/14/2016. Available at Lowes Stores and lowes.com only.
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Gardenspots not included :frowning:

Lowe’s site says sale is through 11/16 ( not 14 ) so do you believe the email or the website ?

What are people’s experiences with these? I have need of some A19s, especially in the cold. I have use for some inside but also was looking to stick two outside. Also, what is the lumen output? 800 range? I have several of the GE Link bulbs and don’t have quite as many problems as others seem to but I do have loss of connection on a few at least every couple weeks. I would love to get the color changing ones but just can’t bring my self to pay those prices yet.

These are Osram lightbulbs. They work well for me but do have firmware issues. SmartThings is working on implementing firmware updates and these are one of the first devices planned.

The firmware issue is that at times they do not repeat ZigBee messages.

They also have a buffer overflow issue with long messages. SmartThings has created a workaround for this in their hub.

Otherwise I am pleased by these bulbs. They are 800 lumens. I have never had any issues with them dropping from the network.

Do I need a hub or can I just connect straight to ST?

They connect directly to ST, but at this moment you can only update the device firmware with Osram hub.

ST will write firmware to be installed in a device manufactured by someone else? I also never really thought of updating firmware on any of my components. Is that something people frequently do for things like bulbs and switches?

I think it is more a matter of ST getting permission /license from the manufacturer to push updates through ST hub to their devices. Now " we all" keep hubs from every manufacturer on standby and remove the devices from ST, include them with Osram, GE/Wink hub, update the device firmware. Then reset them and re-include them into ST .

ZigBee bulbs / wall warts seem to get semi fairly regular FW updates. Although personally I have yet to see a FW update deliver the promised stability improvements. Osram I promising " a major update" next week. That is usually followed by a device firmware update not long after.

ZW switches don’t get FW updates, I don’t think that ZW is actually able to do OTA updates. The ZW devices that I did update FW on, it was done via USB from a computer.

Can someone tell me if all of the lightify bulbs are tunable? Lowes sight is confusing me.

From what I saw,
The A19s on sale are dimmable soft white, not tunable white.

The 5/6" cans are Tunable white.

I have one Lightify dimmable bulb (non color, non tunable - “OSRAM LIGHTIFY LED Smart Connected Light”), and it works great with SmartThings.

However, a few times I’ve seen it flicker a bit when dimmed. Seen it when dimmed at 50%, 40%, 10%, etc. Saw it a bunch last night, then it stopped doing it and it was working great.

I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the bulb, or potentially something with the power in our house, since other LED bulbs will randomly flicker/blip (but this was a lot more flickery). I’ve had it for about a month.

I got it from Lowes for like $14.

Edit: I don’t have a problem with flickering with this A19 bulb at 100% (at least nothing I can see).

I got the gardenspot last week. Using it outside of ST 'coz of limited functionality. It’s an average product and the colors at times are not the actual colors you would expect to see. Using Osram Gateway.

I just did an order.
SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY 72-in Plug-In Under Cabinet LED Tape Light

  • filler item, and 15off50.
    Total 37.40

This is a fair price, and dont have to ebay from china.
If it works OK with ST and Google Home i might get more.

What’s this vs diff between these two? When I bring up the pages the only diff I can see is model number 73893 vs 73824



751721 and 739793, they have the same descriptions and sale price. The only difference is the availability.

Ok, in for 6. Decided I could use some and my brother has a bday coming up. Fingers crossed.

Anyone have any experience with both these and the Philips Hues? Either of them run cooler than the other?