Lightify gateway (UK)

I currently (in UK), have 3 GU10 lightify white bulbs used directly with SmartThings and working ok.

What are the benefits of getting the lightify gateway, and can this then sync to SmartThings for control?

As the lightify seem to be cheaper than others GU10 solutions I’m thinking of getting some more, but would maybe get the gateway if it meant better control or whatever it does.

Also I read that once you sync the bulbs to ST without a gateway then they are linked permanently. Can the gateway unlink/unpair them to resume via the gateway then to ST afterwards?


The bulb won’t get stuck because you can use a blink method to reset each bulb individually. So you can move it back-and-forth between the Osram Gateway and the SmartThings hub if you want, but it cannot be connected to both at the same time. ( The only bulbs which can get stuck are those that don’t have a blink method, like Hue.)

For the rest, see the following:

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Great thanks, isn’t shown as compatible in ST in UK, but does work.

So does anyone know what the firmware updates do, or have added/fixed?

If use the gateway does it do any extra when used with ST?

On a side note does anyone have any RGBW GU10 lightify? Are they physically the same size as the GU10 tunable white ones?

Don’t know the answer to all your questions yet but I have been having issues with some of my lamps so I brought a Gatway to do the firmware updates on. As the ST hub OTA still doesn’t seem to work yet, I have it a go and so far it seems to have fixed the issue, it also allows you to select your own default power on colour / output, from the standard yellow 2700 Kelvin. Will know more by the end of the weekend when I have updated them all and got them back on ST hub.

Edit: once you put it back to ST you lose your new default value so the gateway is only good for updates.

How did it go please @borristhecat The updates I mean? Could you tell me what the firmware versions are at now, are they different for different types of lamps, eg GU10, E27 etc? Mine are all GU10 so would like to know the firmware version after updates.

As you say I don’t think there ST hub OTA is updating them so I think as I still have some issues with the lamps staying on, wife is going mad, that I’m hg to have to get a gateway purely to update the firmware think. Seen one for £20.

Is it an easy process to remove from ST, join Lightify gateway, then back to ST? Any help/step-by-step gratefully received!


Mine are all E27 but all seemed to go up a massive amount of visions of firmware! They are all now 0x01020510. This did fix my issues and they seem to be responding better. I also found a dedicated Osram DH which gave me the capabilitys of the gateway but wouldn’t have worked before the update.

Yes very easy, 1st you set up the gateway app and get it connected to your home router ( I had a few issues with this but it was because i was on the 5g network and the gateway only works on the 2.4, so make sure your on the normal network not the 5g if you have one).

2nd don’t do anything to your ST app, you leave the devices where they are and instead go through the lamp reset process. This is usually powered on from few seconds, power off for few seconds power on for few seconds do this 5 time (5 power ups) and on the 5th time leave it on for 10 seconds. They light will flash to indicate it’s reset, then do this for all your lamps ( this is a bit of a pain but no other choice).

3rd using the lightify app add your devices to the new gateway, once there all on your find the option to update. This takes a while about 10 mins per lamp depending on some signal factors ( do not turn off the lights while this is being done).

Next you need to delete the devices from the gateway, this is much easier and when you select delete this also resets the lamp. So you don’t need to do the power cycle thing.

Lastly you open up you ST app click add new devices, now they won’t appear because they are already there. Instead your see them do a flash, once that’s happened there done. Open up your things and they should turn on /off.

Job done!

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Really appreciate your help this worked @borristhecat It’s more of a switch off and back on and wait, or was for me as didn’t work first few times.

They all went to 0x01020510 as yours, mine are GU10 though. The strange one was the last one that in ST didn’t show is firmware and just had a “check now”. This took a lot of messing, deleting etc etc on the Lightify app to eventually update to same version.

I do hope this does fix the random switching on/off as wife goes mad if up in night and can see lights on, even though I keep saying they are low wattage LED! She then switches them off at wall resigning my smart lamps to dumb, woman win everytime ha ha.

I got a good deal on another 6 white GU10 Lightify so going to update all these before adding to ST and then will put gateway away. Wonder how we are going to know when next firmware comes for them, unless ST gets it working.

Do I need to update the device handler as well? I’ve never touched that since got them paired, not sure how I did it now tbh!?!


This is what I used and its good, dont know if there is one for the plain white though.

Well removed from ST, added to Lightify gateway, no firmware updates.

I then removed from ST the 3 lightify bulbs I have, as ST now has them supported officially so added them back in as official devices.

Let’s see how they perform in ST now. They never stayed the cool white colour I wanted before in ST, so hopefully will this way now.

Not sure if get firmware now direct via ST either as didn’t seem to before when added manually as device.