Sylvania Lightify Bulbs Question


I’m new to Sylvania Lightify Bulbs. I’m currently using Philips Hue & Lifx bulbs at my home in the living & bedrooms. My Hue is Gen 3 A19 starter kit and Lifx is Gen 2 bulbs. I’m using this bulbs with my google home & echo dot.

I’m planning to buy few tunable & full spectrum Sylvania Lightify A19 & BR30 Bulbs. I’m mainly interested in these due to their cost when compared to Lifx & Hue bulbs so i can automate the remaining rooms in my home I have read online about these bulbs and having few questions.

  1. What’s the best practice to use Sylvania Lightify Bulbs with ST ? Should we use these with a gateway or can be added directly to ST Hub? I’ve been reading in some forums that adding these bulbs directly to ST causes some interference with other zigbee devices?
  2. Is a Sylvania Lightify gateway required to avoid any issues or interference with Hue bulbs ?
  3. How about any new firmware updates to the bulbs?
  4. I also read about ZLL & ZHA repeater. What’s the best way to add these bulbs with ST? I’m from US & got all my Hue/Lifx bulbs from US only.
  5. If the bulbs are added directly to ST, can the bulbs be controlled by Alexa or Google Home? I think Yes thru ST. But need to confirm.
  6. Howz the Sylvania Lightify color bulbs perform when compared to Hue Gen 2/3 bulbs ?

Thanks for your time.

Hello @rajank11.

  1. I would directly connect your Sylvania bulbs to the SmartThings hub. There were issues with these bulbs for several reasons, but with recent changes, both to SmartThings and added firmware update support, these have mostly been mitigated. Just be sure to enable firmware updates in IDE so the bulbs can be updated.

  2. You do not need a Sylvania gateway.

  3. SmartThings will now update the firmware of your bulbs in the U.S.

  4. Sylvania bulbs in the U.S. are ZigBee HA. European versions are ZLL. I’m not sure why the company chose that differentiation. In either case, when directly connected to SmartThings, these devices will act as ZigBee repeaters and will connect to other SmartThings ZigBee repeaters as needed.

  5. Yes. You can control on/off, dimming and color through SmartThings.

  6. These bulbs work great for me but I do not have the Hue system to give a fair comparison.


Thank you @jhamstead for your response, I appreciate it.

One question. For controlling the full spectrum of colors with your Sylvania bulbs do you use the Osram Lightify App at all or you only use the ST app ?

If you don’t use the Lightify gateway, you can’t use the Lightify app. When using SmartThings, you’ll have to control the colors with the SmartThings app or through voice control with the Amazon Echo or Google Home.

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Ok Thank you.

I’m trying to enable the OTA firmware updates in the IDE. I see the below 2 options in the IDE. I’m not sure which one to select.

ZigBee OTA
* Allow OTA
* Allow OTA for lights

Not sure if you ever got this answered. I believe you’ll need to enable both for bulbs. Sometimes they take up to 24 hours to update if you don’t force them automatically. Also when they update they will turn on to soft white. Since many dislike them turning on at seemingly random times many force the update. To force the firmware update, either physically power cycle the bulb or press check now in IDE. You can have a max of five updating at a time.

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Thanks for your reply. I got it working.

I just bought several Sylvania Lightify Adjustable Light and Full Color BR30 bulbs from Amazon. I was able to pair, but it paired as a Thing with Tiles Missing. So I went into IDE, and edit the device type to RGBW Light. The app now shows the UI for an RGBW light, but the bulb doesn’t respond to anything … on/off, brightness, or color changes. Yet the device events in IDE do show up as being sent to the light.

I checked for firmware update and it appears to be up-to-date.

These bulbs are sold as being compatible with SmartThings hub. What am I missing?

Current Version: 0x00102090
Target Version: 0x00102090
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Last Checked: 2018-02-10 12:26 PM EST