SYLVANIA Smart RT5/6 vs OSRAM LIGHTIFY LED RT5/6 device driver

Hello I originally purchased 4 Osram Lightify RGBW Lightify Led RT 5/6 bulbs. I had an issue where one of the bulbs got stuck in yellow color mode. I did an RMA to Sylvania/OSRAM and they sent out a new one. The question I have is that the new bulb is detected as Sylvania SMART RT5/6 not the OSRAM LED RT5/6.

Is this a problem? Will they be handled differently by smart things apps or automation.

Is it being detected incorrectly as a THING?

Is this a new driver?

Sylvania bought OSRAM. The bulbs are the same. You probably have a new firmware version that IDs the bulb as “Sylvania”. I believe it is just a label and the device should control successfully.

Yes it seems to work fine.

Should all the bulbs be at the same firmware level?

If it isn’t broke, do not fix it. So, no. Eventually, there will be updates available through SmartThings.

We changed the name in the Device Type Handler as Sylvania is changing their branding for smart lighting products. No technical differences.

Thanks Tyler will my old OSRAM bulbs update to the new name when they do an
OTA upgrade. They still havent upgraded yet to the latest firmware I see.

No, the name is just a label and is not part of the firmware update process.