SmartThings and OSRAM Sylvania Lightify RGBW integration


I’m new to SmartThings and I’m considering some OSRAM Lightify RGBW light bulbs but I’m still confused about how to integrate them.

a) Do I still need the OSRAM Lightfy Gateway in order to connect Lightify bulbs to SmartThings?
b) Assuming answer to the previous question is no (I do not need OSRAM Lightfy Gateway), through the SmartThings app will I be able to fully control Lightify bulbs and do things such as: dim, “change color” and “change color temperature”?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

The Philips Osram gateway is needed to update the bulb firmware only. Lightify bulbs are fully compatible with ST natively and can connect directly to the ST hub and are controlled directly. It takes about 5 minutes per bulb to connect it to Lightify hub, update the firmware and then remove it so it can be included in ST hub.

It is a good idea to spend the extra $10 and get one of the Osram starter kits with the hub just to keep the bulbs updated. It will save headaches with bulb malfunction in the future JMHO

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My experience/opinion as well.

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Very helpful, thank you.

After you added to ST, would you be able to group the lights and control all in one? Also, can ST do auto color changing?