Difficulty getting Osram A19 Lightify RGBW bulb to work with ST app

Hello community, I just bought a Osram Lightify RGBW A19 bulb. I have gotten the ST app to link to it, configured the bulb in the app, but then when I bring up the bulb in the app I can’t control it. I can’t turn it off, change color temp, or hue. Tried removing the device from the app and resetting via power cycling x5, but still doesn’t work. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any ideas you might have.

I didn’t really have any issues setting up my Osram A19 RGBW bulbs. It was just plug and play, maybe you got a bad bulb. You could try selecting the specific DTH when installing? Maybe that would help?

Thanks Luke. Knowing that it was plug and play for you makes me think I
should not waste too much more time trying to figure this out. How does one
select a specific device handler? Does selecting the specific bulb from the
marketplace and connecting from there do it?

Selecting the Osram A19 Lightify RGBW Bulb specifically in the marketplace should do the trick instead of just clicking Connect New Device.

If you have a lightify hub then a firmware update helps (n.b have the hub and bulb within a very short distance of each other). There’s a thread on here somewhere on how to do it. Hubs can be got for way under list price on the usual sities and some supermarkets\home stores.

That said, I’ve had a bulb start playing up since around the time of the last ST update, seems to add ok but after a while stops responding. Another works just fine though.

Thanks again Luke.

Thanks AnotherUser. I don’t have the lightify hub, but if I decide to go
all in with the Osram products, it sounds like maybe I should consider this
for the updates. Your comment about how one of the bulbs acts flaky makes
me think that like 1 out of every so many of these bulbs is a little off. I
may try returning this one for another. If the next one works, then I will
know it’s a bulb problem (which would kind of make me question their QC/QA
for these $40 light bulbs, but that would be another discussion).