Osram Lightify no longer supported?

Hi. I have been having issues with my osram RGB bulb recently. I just did a reset and when following the instructions to re add to the Smartthings hub, the option is no longer there in the app (see attached). Has it been removed?

just do a general inclusion and it will find it. The brand name is now Sylvania Smart+.

Thanks. Got it

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Just added a new Osram bulb E14 candle and it shows as:

OSRAM LIGHTIFY Classic B40 Tunable

True for North America, but the company has always used different names for Europe because Sylvania is a wellknown location there and it has a little different context.

In the EU, the new brand name is Osram Smart+.


Hi JD, on the box is written Osram Smart+, the SmartThings hub calls it Osram Lightify automagic. I have the UK hub.

Grtn Ben

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Osram Lightify was Last year’s EU name for the same products. I don’t know if the SmartThings mobile app uses the regional names or not, though.

Is it the app or the hub that does the name giving?! :innocent:

That’s the question.

Grtn Ben

neither, its the smartthings cloud when you create a new device. And really the name is based on the finger print the zigbee chip provides. So they probably changed the label on everything, but the guts are the same.

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Does anyone have a problem with the bulb switching itself in randomly. Mine keeps turning on. I have made sure nothing is doing it. I removed and reset it and it still happens.