Osram Lightify no longer supported?

(Tommy Haywood) #1

Hi. I have been having issues with my osram RGB bulb recently. I just did a reset and when following the instructions to re add to the Smartthings hub, the option is no longer there in the app (see attached). Has it been removed?

(Jimmy) #3

just do a general inclusion and it will find it. The brand name is now Sylvania Smart+.

(Tommy Haywood) #4

Thanks. Got it

(Ben Erkens ) #5

Just added a new Osram bulb E14 candle and it shows as:

OSRAM LIGHTIFY Classic B40 Tunable


True for North America, but the company has always used different names for Europe because Sylvania is a wellknown location there and it has a little different context.

In the EU, the new brand name is Osram Smart+.

(Ben Erkens ) #7

Hi JD, on the box is written Osram Smart+, the SmartThings hub calls it Osram Lightify automagic. I have the UK hub.

Grtn Ben


Osram Lightify was Last year’s EU name for the same products. I don’t know if the SmartThings mobile app uses the regional names or not, though.

(Ben Erkens ) #9

Is it the app or the hub that does the name giving?! :innocent:

That’s the question.

Grtn Ben

(Jimmy) #10

neither, its the smartthings cloud when you create a new device. And really the name is based on the finger print the zigbee chip provides. So they probably changed the label on everything, but the guts are the same.

(Tommy Haywood) #11

Does anyone have a problem with the bulb switching itself in randomly. Mine keeps turning on. I have made sure nothing is doing it. I removed and reset it and it still happens.