Light bulb showing up as "thing"

Good afternoon. So I got more of the osram bulbs in (for a few reasons, but they are likely going back). The bulbs that came this round are different. Different box, different writing on the bulb, and show up different in ST.
THey show up as "thing"
I can rename them, then they pair.

When they show up in Things, they are “Tiles missing” if you click on the thing it goes to the next screw which shows a shopping cart…

anyone seen this?

Model number?

73739 is the model

Different box is fine, Osram has changed their name again:

I’m just wondering if maybe it’s the color tunable bulb instead (cool white to warm white). Is the model number on the bulb itself or just on the box?

This is a fingerprinting issue.

Here is an example join event from your bulbs:

“manufacturer”:“LEDVANCE”,“model”:“BR30 RGBW”

As shown here, we don’t have the Ledvance BR30 fingerprint added so it will pair as a thing.

the only difference (model numbers are the same).

one says - FCC ID - DZO -IQHOME
one says - FCC ID - DZO - LDV-AETHER

Aether wont read properly in ST.

so its basically un-useable?

It is usable, it just won’t automatically fingerprint.

You can add them and change the device type to Zigbee RGBW Bulb, or let me know and I can do it. :slight_smile:

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Once I add them, i dont seem to have the option to change its fingerprint… ill look around inside IDE… unless you can point me in the right direction.

edit: ok that time IDE let me edit it… testing now

yep, that worked… all good.

However the inherent issues with the bulbs persist. They are just too damn inconsistent, even when 10 ft from the hub.

A simple SCENE

  1. Scene turns 3 lights (2 older, 1 newer) blue.
  2. Scene turns 3 lights (same) red.

Just alternating back and forth between these 5 times produced different results.

interestingly enough, the newer one (other two are older) NEVER turned colors first. It was always one of the other two.
Also, of the other two, it wasnt predictable which one would turn first.
And as expected, on one of the attempts the middle light stayed blue when it should have turned red.

Just really odd inconsistencies with these things. even worse as you get further from hub.

This is with your bulbs labeled “Test #” ?

Can you contact and we can take a closer look?

Brad… thanks for keeping on this.
So I only brought them inside to test that new bulb, and to see just how good or bad they are while inside closer to the hub.
The ultimate goal of these 13 bulbs is in my outdoor can lights.
However they are simply too flaky there to be worth it. They randomly lose connectivity, and dont respond half the time. Basically if i set a trigger to run, either via IFTTT or a Piston 11/13 bulbs would go this time, next time only 9/13, next time all of them. No rhyme or reason at all…
And honestly it didnt always jive to where the hub was. The hub is about 30-40 ft away from the furthest outside bulb, through a couple walls. If thats too far, than so be it. Can you link 2 hubs together and position them closer?

brad/jd is it possible to use 2 hubs to control the same items? I just want to add a second hub in my garage (i have a mesh network with 6 wifi repeater plume modules, so I can just use that and run ethernet to a new hub).
can both hubs he used as if they were alone, meaning both devices see every device? and control them as if it was 1 hub?

No, you would be best off adding a repeater if you are trying to increase your range. An always powered Zigbee device such as an outlet or switch would do the trick.

So one would think a zigbee light bulb which is always switched on (just turned off via the ST app) would act as an extender / repeater as well. However I cant even discover all of the bulbs outside my home, perhaps due to range. I can run some tests tomorrow.

quick question brad. How many devices can ST discover via the app at one time? So picture this… I reset all the 13 can light bulbs by switching them off and on 5 times. When I add things, only i think a few show up, i add them, then i can add 3 more or so. Then they are no longer discoverable.

I don’t know how things are physically laid out but none of your zigbee devices are acting as a repeater. Have you tried pairing the bulb close to the Hub and then moving it outside?

I assume you are controlling are 13 via a single switch and toggling the switch to reset them. I would be very surprised if all 13 are resetting at once. Again this is where resetting and pairing individually will probably save you time in the long run.

So i went ahead and left the paired ones paired, removed 5, brought them inside, reset them, and paired again.
Testing seems to be going well.
with scenes and groups it works a LOT better than with a piston or through IFTTT.

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Similar issue, adding a new sengled color plus bulb, changed to sig bee rgbw bulb since it showed as thing. Now it can change brightness but not color. Color wheel shows but won’t change color. Any ideas? Thanks!

Just got six Br30 lightly smart bulb and smartthings hub. Three of them connected fine, but three others are identified as “thing.” They are also referred as “tiles missing.” Any suggestion.