LED Strip - How To Use Extension Cable

I’m getting ready to get a RGBW LED Strip light to go under the kitchen cabinets and I can’t figure out how I would connect an extension cable to span the 24" or so under the microwave to reconnect the 2 pieces that have been cut. I see how to use the jumper cables as after I cut along the cut line, I would have to cut back the plastic to expose the connections and use the quick connects, but the extension cable is a bit different, thus where I’m confused.

I have to do something similar to span the refrigerators about 5ft as I have to go up-over-and-down using the extension cable.




Your last set of extension cables should actually have crimp connectors. The end will pop open and you will mount the strip in there and then close the crimp. Having used these, I recommend something else like this instead…


Either of the extension will work, the problem is with the water proofing (the plastic over the connections/lights.) I don’t buy the waterproof version if i plan to extend them.

After looking around a bit, I think I may have to adjust my shopping list as not only did I find out that I have to make sure the connectors are compatible, but the width is the same. The Supernight is 10mm wide so I have to find jumpers/connectors/extension all 10mm wide. Plus the Supernight is RGBW so I have to match that too.

I’ll probably go with the non-waterproof as I’m finding more connectors for it than the waterproof ones. Way to many options.

Ok, so I’m really confused. How do you span longer distance. For example from cabinet to cabinet where there is a 30 in microwave in between or to span a refridgerator where I have to go up 18" over 36" and back down 18" to connect cabinet to cabinet. I can’t figure out what type of connectors to use or a cable long enough and at the same time matching pin and cable width.

Light Strip - RGBW or RGBWW
Light Strip Width - 10mm
Short span - Strip to Strip Jumpers 5 pin & 10mm
Long span - NO IDEA

Don’t want to discourage you, but i have a nightmare dealing with those led connectors.
They fall off, sometimes the contact are not well made also

I ended up soldering. It was intimidating at first (never solder in my life) but after watching some video and practicing with some led strips, you will get the hang of it

You need to buy a length of 4 core wire - alarm wire or similar should do it.

Basically something like this to go with the LED strip light. I think I’m going to follow the crowd and learn how to solder. Just need to figure out a descent soldering iron to buy and which flux to use. Looks like rosin flux core is what I’m finding out.

May i suggest you to use a controller? i am using the fibaro rgb and it works well

I just got 2 of these the other day plus the FTDI adapter to flash them. Hopefully I can get them to work and use @erocm1231 DTH.