General question about hue lightstrip plus (6 pin rgbw connections)


Hope you guys/ gals can shed a little light on an odd situation that I am somewhat surprised about.

I have decided to switch my strip light installations over to hue lightstrip plus. The problem I am running into is that I have only found 1 supplier of 6 pin solderless accessories such as extensions etc. This supplier is insanely expensive! Like 20$ for 2 6” extensions.

Outside of soldering, does anyone know any other suppliers etc of the aforementioned accessory. I just find it impossibly hard to believe that there is nowhere else to get essentially 6 pin “wire connectors” cheaper than the price this particular seller is charging.- 4 pin and 5 pin are seemingly everywhere “on the cheap”.

Please enlighten me with any options you all see that might help lead me to a good solution.

Thank you all so much for your help!!

Nope. Soldering is the way to go. Use 6 wire telephone wire.

Or buy some of those cheap 4 wire extensions and use two, one for 4 of the wires and one for the other 2.

The reason those are more popular is because generic analog LED RGB strips (4 wires) or RGBW strips (5 wire) that you can get really cheap ($10 for 15 feet) and then build your own controller for.