Connecting multiple RGBW Led Strips Together

Does anyone have a good method for connecting more than one RGBW LED strips together? I am trying to extend my outdoor lighting from one strip to three. I tried soldering the end of the strip to wire, and then using wire connectors back to the other LED strips but they don’t seem to make strong connections at the soldering points since the leads are so small. Is there a connector or other solution out there that might do this job better?

Soldering is the only thing that works but it takes a little practice.

What type of wire are you using?

Everything I’ve seen on this recommends using something like Cat5

I have been using this as my extension wire:

Then splicing and using the existing connecters for the add-on LED strips. I have some colors working but I seem to have bad contact and crossover on some. The good news is there seems to be ample power and no fading of light down the line, so i haven’t seen the need for an amplifier yet.

I guess I just need to get better at soldering.