Sylvania Lightify Motion Sensor

Hi. I just bought a Sylvania Lightify Motion Sensor through Amazon. The product page said it was compatible with Smartthings and did not require the Sylvania hub but I can’t figure out how to connect the device to my smartthings hub.
Please help !

Please post the link to the product page so we can take a look at it. :sunglasses:

This is what I bought :

I found the OEM device:
There isn’t much documentation … I am starting to feel I got ripped off. Of course, I should have done a bit more homework before buying :frowning:

I think it’s legit. Sylvania is the name used in North America for Osram. Which is a really big company. The motion sensor is probably A ZHA device, so as long as it pairs to your hub as a “thing,” it will probably work with one of the zigbee motion sensor device type handlers.

After some more digging, I found a web site where I could access the user guide :
But it is rather thin on details.

I believe I was able to pair it with ST but I get confusing information:

  • model: Motion Sensor-A
  • application:
  • manufacturer: CentraLite
  • endpointId: 01

… and I still can’t get the motion detection events to come in.

What device handler are you using currently? It’s a CentraLite, which is exactly the same as the Iris Motion sensor, I’d give the Iris DTH a shot and it might actually work.

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yeah, go into the IDE and change the device type to SmartSense Motion Sensor and see if it works

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Hi dubbeout - I don’t see any option for “Iris Motion Sensor” in my ST hub version 1 IDE.

I have switched to “SmartSense Motion Sensor” and now I have at least the temperature reading but still not the motion sensor activity.

Furthermore, I can’t find documentation on the single button on the device. Sometimes when I press it I get some violet light flashing (with what appears to be motion activated), some other times I get a green light that flashes (not sure of the trigger condition).

OK, I found what the issue was: there is a 30seconds “backoff” timer associated with the status updates i.e. once motion is detected, whilst motion persists there isn’t other updates being sent & when a 30 seconds timer expires without there being any more motion, then a “motion has stopped” status is sent.

I was being way too aggressive on the “Live Logging” & keeping the sensor next to the keyboard i.e. the sensor was always registering “there is still motion”.

Thanks for everybody’s time. I hope my notes will help the next newbie.


This did not work for me, has nobody written the differences in to work (almost) natively? I have six of these and do not wish to strand them. I was using them on a wink hub 2 and had them too long to return them. Yes, I did remember to exclude and remove the, from wink.
There should be no issues.

The only thing missing is the fingerprint. Do they pair as a thing?

Jimmy, thank you for responding. I am actually very surprised at the low interest in these so far. They very inexpensive and, in my experience, far better than Hue, Aeotec, etc. they cost between $25-$35 and monitor motion, temp, and humidity accurately. The power consumption is very low relative to others I’ve tried. The only flaw I have found is they aren’t easy plug-n-play with ST.

They are recognized as a thing, but diving deeper into them nothing appears in settings but triggered motion (appears so) and place holders for other measures like temp.

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Hit SEND prematurely, an ongoing problem according to my wife.

I have tried switching device “setup” in IDE from the drop down. I may be screwing that up somehow. I was also trying to open SmartThings Motion to reduce report time from the 30- secs as mentioned in other post related to these sensors.

The blind time is usually set by the firmware on the sensor. Some models are adjustable, but not many. 30 seconds is actually pretty short.

Btw, when you reply from your email your long signature gets posted, too.

Thank you, I will have to ramp up a bit faster on the learning curve. I think I cleared it out, but if you still see it can a MOD delete the message?

I recently purchased 2 of these sensors, and they pair as “things” on my ST Hub 2, however they display as “Tiles Missing” and I can’t adjust their configuration, ST keeps stating there was an issue connecting click retry.
I also tried to add the motion sensors manually selecting Iris and another config but there was no luck. I also can’t seem to remove these sensors from ST.
If anyone can provide guidance I would greatly appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Dan, newbie here too. I also have Lightify sensors and cannot figure how to make them work. I have a bunch so I’m anxious for a fix. I dug and dug and found reference to the post regarding using a ST where I get stumped about 20-30% from the end.
You can delete the cameras from your IDE portal under devices, of course. If you’re unfamiliar with IDE, take time to read up on it.