Sylvania Motion & Temp Sensor $18.89 w/Prime

Sylvania Motion & Temp Sensor $18.89 w/Prime


Anyone have experience with these? Does it require a handler? From Amazon I can’t quite tell. With all the noise about custom handlers not working in the new app I’m wary of continuing to grow my set of devices that require them.

While I don’t have any of these, all my other Sylvania Osram connect directly to ST with stock DT & run locally.
That said I’m on “Classic” app & V2 hub with no intention of changing unless it’s to another platform.


I have a couple of these, no DTH is needed. Very basic Motion/Temp sensor. You cannot adjust the sensitivity or temperature polling, but they work.

Is there a coupon code? I see $24.44. Not that I need another motion sensor. Although the button is tempting at $9.49.

The promo listed above has ended.