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Sylvania Contact Sensor w/Temperature 6-pack for $35


I hear you! But I bought them anyway (I’m addicted and I couldn’t pass up this deal). Now I’m getting really creative on where to put these. Things like drawers, cupboards, maybe the toilet seat to let me know whether it’s up or down :smile:

(Ron Talley) #22

You said it all right there. I had these in my cart 4 times now and keep resisting but these are dirt cheap! Figured I would just buy them and put them in the “Box”. Somehow, this thread keeps popping up!

I literally have a box full of stuff that I have absolutely no use for.

(Ron Talley) #23

I’ve been finding all sorts of creative ways to use these things up.

I put a contact on my downstairs half bathroom vanity cabinet door. Nothings really in there but plumbing. I have an Echo Dot 3rd Gen in there and for a joke I made an Alexa Routine that talks everytime the door opens. It says:

“Hmm, I do not believe you are supposed to be in there. Please ask the host for whatever you are looking for.”

You’d be amazed at how many times it goes off when we have guest over! Nosy people man!


Maybe it’s time to create a thread just for these creative uses of our extra sensors! :smile: Have to keep feeding our addiction…


How big are these compared to the Iris door sensors? The Iris ones work well for me and are small, but even with them being discounted recently the Sylvania ones at about $6 a pop are an even a better deal.


The dog house needs a contact sensor… and temp monitoring :smiley:

(Bill) #27

I’m liking this idea :grin:

I do have some contact sensors on drawers, cupboards, etc. , but I would be interested in other creative ideas.


Unrelated…as a friend pointed out what’s up with the frequently bought together section?? :smiley:

(Ron Talley) #29

I also have one in a “shoe box” in the closet that has “maybe potentially…just maybe…hmm not going to say what” in it. This shoe box should only be opened by me or my wife. So when the top come off, I know. :smiling_imp:

(Damian) #30

They are just slightly smaller, and a little more squared instead of rounded. I can take a side by side when I get home for you.


Yeah if you can take a pic that would be great. Thanks.

(Damian) #32

Top is iris and bottom is sylvania


Thanks, looks to be about same size nice.

(Glen King) #34

Maybe I’ll do a thing with my skylight, one magnet and two sensors. One for closed, one for open, with the gap between being ‘vent’.
Of course I’d have to deploy some oenspare sensors I already have lol