IRIS Contact Sensors v2 pairing issue


Recently got in to SmartThings (Amazon sale FTW!) Got everything setup, based on recommendations here, bought 2 of the Iris contact sensors from Amazon and got them associated and working with SmartThings, they’re working perfectly (see bonus note below). With success under my belt, decided to buy 3 more of the same from Amazon, and can’t get them to pair for some reason. They’re the EXACT same version I currently have, and I’ve tried everything I can think of (reset, re-attempt pairing, tried pairing Manually as SmartThings SmartSense Open/Close Sensor [since that’s how they show up]). Even tried to add manually through the API, with no love. Anyone else having issues, or thoughts on what else I can try?

Wondering if this is a firmware update issue, as I’m 99% sure I paired the 1st 2 sensors prior to the recent Firmware update.

Bonus Tip: Since these units just work off of magnets, and we like having a “vent” position for our windows (where they’re partly open all the time, but still have the system sense as closed), I had a couple of magnets laying around the house, tested to ensure the sensor reads as “Closed” with them (it does just fine) then attached those to the window frame at the “Full Close” position, and used the sensor that came with the Iris as the “open” position. So functionally put 2 different “close” positions for the window to work properly with the alarm function.

Did you try resetting them? Hold the small button down while inserting the battery. Then press add a device in the ST mobile app.

Thanks for the response, yes I reset all 3 of them actually, no change.

OK, Closing my own report here. Left the sensors alone (batteries out) for ~ 3 hours while working on other projects. Installed 2 other Z-Wave switches (both paired brilliantly, one on the FAR side of the house). After coming back to the Iris contact sensors, all 3 paired with no issues. Guess technology is gonna be technology.