Sylvania lightify Smart Sensor 74388, Contact & Temperature

Hello all, so far i have been able to get everything i have purchased to work in ST, either from tips in here or because they just simply work!

Just got stumped on this one. I bought the Lightify RGB Lightify LED strips and they worked fantastic, with zero issues, so I figured this Lightify Contact switch would work as well, was I wrong!

If anyone has used this switch or can help me make it work, i would greatly appreciate it.

I have tried every Sensor and Thermostat available to me in the IDE when i edit the device and none work.

Many thanks in advance.

I believe you’ll need a LIGHTIFY Gateway (bridge) for this to work. You’ll want to purchase devices that work with Smartthing natively or with a custom DH (Device Handler). Most of these devices on this page will show what will work without having to add a Gateway (bridge), you have to read the devices you purchase to see if a bridge is needed or if it will work with just the Smartthing hub. I hope that helps you

I know its been a year, but adding this for sake of anyone else who may buy this item(Sylvania Lightify Contact and Temperature sensor, model 74388):

It does seems to work fine if you just set the device type in IDE to the built-in “SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor” I suspect that it has same “CentraLite” guts as the SmartThings device, as it seems to even recognize the firmware version as correct and all functionality - battery levels, temperature and contact sensor all work.

For what its worth, it took me setting the device type in IDE and then resetting the sensor by removing and replacing the battery before it started working. Not sure if this is required or just a fluke.

(To be clear, it works WITHOUT the Gateway Bridge)


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@mlasevich - to be clear, are you talking about these SYLVANIA SENSORS ? I ask because the description doesn’t say anything about being zigbee . THX

Correct. Can’t speak for any other specific Lightify line products but this particular one is. You are right, they do not say zigbee anywhere in description, but it does have a Zigbee logo on the side of the box.

Actually according to their web site, they have some Zigbee, some HomeKit and some Bluetooth products in the line - these are all the Zigbee ones:

Of these I have these sensors and the button, and the “2 Button Dimming Switch” and I got both to work with the SmartThings platform pretty well.


Thanks for the heads up, Michael L. I was having an issue with this unit.

However… When I add these units, it also adds a second “thing” on the IDE list that says Device Health. Like if I add “Door” I get a second entry on my sensor list that says Door2…

I deleted it and all seems well. Hmm… Any thoughts?

From what I remember, for me it ONLY showed up as a single “Thing” device - which I took as that it knows it is a Zigbee device and its address, but other than talk to it, it has no idea what kind of a device it is. But once it was added, I could go into the IDE and set the type manually. It could be that it found another device on your network, or if it is same device, maybe for some reason it added two of them, but if it works fine, I would not worry too much about it

I guess those two earlier issues with two sensors as I described seems possibly related to me originally adding it as a different sensor previous to changing it to SmartThings O/C sensor. Basically, it appeared on its own as a second “thing” named Device Health. Interesting…

I just added another and then went right to IDE and changed to to Smartthings open/close and it did not add another sensor with a “2” suffix. Installer error!

Thanks again for your post!

Wild… Using the new app… I just added one out of the extras I still had left from the sale in December and SmartThings immediately recognized it and installed all on its own. Listed it a “SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor” on its own. Worked immediately.

Man, I’ve had a lot of issues with these going offline constantly. Except one I put in the freezer haha. See how this most recent one runs.