Contact Sensor Temp Disparity

So yesterday I installed some Iris contact sensors on all the doors to exit to the exterior of my home. It was my first step in adding security to my home via SmartThings. Out of the box everything was easy to set up. All features came online great (except for the nice ST outage in the middle). I was looking at them today, now that I am at work and noticed two things.

  1. 1 of the 4 sensors is at 89% battery already. It was in the process of pairing during the outage. I am wondering if the actively searching for a hour or so drained the hell out of the battery?

  2. I am notching about a 15 degree temperature delta right now between my main home thermostat, and these units. Is that because they are picking up cold off of the exterior doors/draft? Do those that have these adjust the delta in the software to get more accurate air temps near them, or do you leave them be and let them report that data?

  1. St has trouble with temp reading with the batteries used in these. I have a bunch and run into the problem with them all. They actually say 89% for me as well. They stay for the most part at the percentage it says. In the forums on here people say they have same issue but haven’t had to replace any batteries as of yet. (Unless a faulty device) I’m assuming when they get low that they will change and from there I’ll start to really keep an eye on them.
  2. I have some sensors that deffinetly seem to catch a draft on doors. I just adjust it. Temp tends to stay around the same temp spring winter where I live so not an issue with it being off. But I might have to readjust when it gets hotter in the summer. I use my motion sensors for temp because they are in corners away from drafts usually.
    In case you didn’t know all iris gen 2 devices report temp and are pretty accurate. Once I got a few it was starting to get a little redundant to be honest but still nice to have.
    Hope this helped.