Sylvania A19 dimmable White bulb can’t connect

I recently added the Sylvania/Osram A19 dimmable white bulb to ST App on iPhone. I then tried to have Alexa find the lamp. I have this set up with two other A19 bulbs and Alexa. Alexa never discovered third lamp. I removed it from ST App. Now I cannot re-connect that bulb with ST app. I have hard reset the bulb successfully several times, but it still is not discoverable.

Shouldn’t this bulb be found natively by ST app under Add a Thing? Even if I try to Add Device Manually it cannot be found

I have a bunch of these bulbs and t use went offline yesterday. They had been working fine for months… I’m using SmartThings Wifi as my hub and and I noticed it had a firmware date two days ago. Maybe this is related. Anyone else having issues?