Issue with turning on Sylvania Smart Color A19 bulbs using Alexa and Wink

Hey, I’ve just installed 4 Sylvania smart A19 color bulbs in my basement, connected them to the Wink Hub and Discovered with Alexa. They worked at first, but now when I go to turn them on using the Alexa command, they don’t go on. Alexa doesn’t give me a “I can’t find that” message, it says “OK” – and when I tell her to turn them off, they flash on then off.

If I use the Wink app to turn on the group, it works. Once the lights are on, they work as they should (I can turn them off and change their colors using Alexa).

I’ve reset the bulbs and readded, same result. Any ideas?


I believe you should contact Wink support. These forums are for SmartThings community support. :slight_smile: