Long press 2 not working on SYLVANIA Smart+ Dimming Switch

I bought the Lightify 2 button dimmer switch and press 1 and 2 along with hold 1 work fine. When I use long press 2 it shows up in the log, but not as a long press or any press at all. I tested this with webcore and the smartlight app and neither register it as a long press. I already unpaired and repaired the button.

Is my button broken? It is still within the exchange window. Or does it seem like a software bug? The fact that a quick press of button 2 works has me at a loss and when I searched I couldn’t find this exact issue.

Thanks for any help!

As an update I just requested a replacement from Amazon so we will see if that works.

I have three of these switches and the long press on button 2 used to work with both CoRE and the Button Controller+ smart app. No longer though, the short press works fine but the long press just doesn’t register.

Having all three fail in exactly the same way seems more like a software issue than a hardware one to me but regardless I haven’t found a fix yet.

Thats what I was afraid of. Ill have the new one tomorrow and report back.

Did you contact smarrthings support about this?

I haven’t, I was able to live without the long press (no denying it’s good to have though!).

Got the new one and its the same. I tried the old custom device handler too and it didnt help.

Ill put in a ticket.

They confirmed its on their end and will work on it.

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Nice one! Now feeling slightly silly I didn’t report it earlier :sweat_smile:

Did you ever get a response on this? I have 4 of them and none of them work with long press button 2. I put in a ticket but no response.

I was working with tech support, but got sidetracked. Last update was they
couldnt replicate the problem on their end : /

I ended up upgrading to a v2 hub and it fixed the problem (along with a few others)

Good to know. Thanks for the heads up!
Maybe Ill upgrade once they go back down to $50 on sale.
Did you have to rebuild everything from scratch? I have almost 40 things and a
ton of pistons and starting over will be a huge pain.

Yeah, unfortunately. The Zigbee stuff was all pretty simple, but the z-wave things were a huge PIA. It took about 2 hours to get things usable again. I have about 30 things. Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I’d just started with pistons though, so I only had 2 of those. Plus I cleaned up a bunch of abandoned device handlers and smartapps that I’d accumulated playing around with stuff.

Thanks again for the info