Switching to Android - Asking for trouble with ST?

(Chris Cooney) #1

For a variety of reasons we’re considering dropping our iPhones and switching to new Android models. I know ST development of the Android App lags iOS but how well does the Android app work now? Is there anything critical that users know the Android app can’t do vs iOS? How do users currently feel about the stability of the Android app?

Specifically, how well does Mobile Presence work (this last question because I know iOS7 killed this capability on my iPhone).


(Chrisb) #2

Haven’t used Mobile presence really at all, so can’t comment on that. But I’ve been over all pretty happy with the Android app lately.

I know that you have some Z-wave utilities (like Z-wave Exclude) in the iOS mobile app and that’s not there in the Android yet. But other than that there isn’t anything I’m really I know of in the iOS that is critical and missing from Android.

Beyond that, the integration with Tasker is and REST is really a great thing on Android and something I highly encourage you checking out once you get comfortable with Android.


A few updates back made mobile presence more reliable for me. I also just recently added my wife’s phone as another mobile presence and it works well, both Android phones (GS4).