Android Presence not working since last week (reported Apr - June 2016)

We all have Android phones, so I don’t know if this is an Android specific problem, or just a problem with SmartThings.

For instance, it’s showing that my wife arrived at home around 11:39am this morning, when that’s about when she left. Plus, checking the Recently tab, the last entry is actually for April 16th.

Is this a known issue along with all the other issues people are experiencing? This is the only thing that’s obviously going wrong at our end at the moment, so I’m considering myself lucky!

Wow it’s funny you say that because I’ve been having issues as well. My wife’s fob said she left on the 16th and never came back. ST thought it was the battery but I replaced it and that didn’t help. It kept saying she was home then leaving every 2 min. Yesterday my Android phone was also doing the same thing but after the update it stopped.

They are sending me a new presence sensor.

My wife and I have the same model of Nexus 5 phone. She has had intermittent problems with presence, whereas my presence has been pretty stable. One difference between us is that I open the ST mobile app pretty regularly, typically at least once a day. My wife almost never opens the ST app. When her presence gets out of sync, I’ve often gotten it back in sync by simply opening the ST app on her phone. Someone else much more technical than me had good a theory on this issue:

My android ST presence only works reliably when using “battery saver” mode.

“High Accuracy” mode doesn’t work at all for ST. It works fine on my phone for other apps Waze, Maps, etc. Just not ST.

Until last week it was working relatively well for us.

There were intermittent times when my wife’s presence was away, then back again…without her moving, but I put that down to her Galaxy being a bit wonky…it didn’t happen enough to get annoying.

I have a “relatively” large area about a city block designated as the “radius”, so it’s not sensitive to “short” distances and even our WiFi location coordinates will be within range.

If you send in a support ticket, they may just say they’re working on it, and to remove the app from Android’s doze feature. Do you have Marshmallow? Presence on mobile broke with Android Marshmallow?

I did create a ticket, and they said that none of the recent issues would have impacted our recent Presence experience, however, it did just work correctly for when my wife got home, and as we didn’t change anything…I’m thinking they may have done something at their end. We’ll see how it goes.

Man I’m so tired of recreating my Android presence, time to let it go and just use the other workarounds.

As well presence is hit and miss. Some days it works great and other days it does not report on either myself or my wife correctly. Today it doesn’t detect my wife leaving (been gone 30 mins now and still says she’s at home) and so this does not setup any of the alarm triggers I have since it doesn’t know we are both away.

A lot of flaky stuff going on and its tiring to have to keep checking to make sure the system is working as it should. Not that this was cheap to setup, but still it half ass works when it wants and doesn’t seem to get better.

From the app itself it has no clue she has left -

.David Mobile Presence Home ACTIVE 2 hours ago
.Lisa Mobile Presence Home ACTIVE 12 hours ago

Our two phones (Both Samsung Galaxy S5) have been having location issues for a while. Mine will tell me I left when I walked across the room, then 2 minutes later say I arrived. I get so many notifications each day from us coming & going it is ridiculous. Then some days, it worked exactly as expected. I haven’t submitted a ticket for this though…
My usual response is to reboot my phone and hope that does the trick, but maybe the issue isn’t our phones.

I would definitely submit a ticket. These issues will never get resolved if they don’t hear about them.

Presence issue here as well.

Samsung S6 & S5 -
System will arm, although either my wife or I are home (but hasn’t happened when we are both home).

Add me to the list, just for the record. Mine seems to have stopped around the same time period. I checked the battery and even tried the Beep function but it is not responding. I have not removed / added back the device yet, but that is my next step.

I’ve got a Nexus 6 with Marshmallow (latest update), and I’ve had an interesting issue with my presence:

My location picks up when I’m arriving & departing perfectly, but whenever I get into range and connect to my WiFi, it drops my presence and then re-connects immediately. I thought it was just a quirky spot in my house, but when I got a new router with better range, it started to happen while I was still pulling in the driveway.

Needless to say, this made my garage door (automated with an LFM-20 relay & an open/close sensor on the door, so it doesn’t quite work with “Open” or “Close” commands, but just with the button turning on or off) almost unworkable. At first, it would just open it after I walked in the door, but with the new router it started closing as I was about to pull in.

My wife’s presence with her Samsung S6 works flawlessly. Not sure why mine does like it does.

I made a workaround using Tasker, SharpTools (Tasker plugin for Smartthings), and a virtual presence device to tie my presence to my connection to the home wifi, and while that’s worked, it still has it’s issues (slow processing arrivals, can’t disconnect from wifi without triggering things, etc.).

I’ve kept an eye on my actual presence even while it’s not been attached to any routines, and it’s still having the same failures - only when connecting to the wifi signal.

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My wifes Samsung Note 5 indicates she left at 3:28PM today and hasn’t returned, when she has been home the whole time

Just when I got my modes, lights… setup to use presence, now this