More Mobile Presence Issues?

(Marc) #1

Ok, so I have been one of the harshest critics of mobile presense because it’s never worked properly on my wife’s phone despite multiple efforts with support, Life360, etc. Now in the past 2 days, my mobile presence (iOS) has twice triggered false alarms. Has anyone noticed this problem get worse in the past couple of days? I am sure it’s related to the ongoing issues, I just wanted to see if others are noticing degradation in this aspect of ST.

(Nate) #2

Yes, i’ve noticed a difference since the issues cropped up on my wifes phone. It was always really spotty, but has gotten worse. My phone this morning just showed away randomly at about 6:40 am. That’s not happened to my phone before. Both Samsung S5’s.

(Shaun) #3

This is one “glitch” I just simply cant wrap my head around. We live in a world where nearly every cell phone has an active GPS, wifi location services are more prevalent than ever before. How can it be so difficult to get smartphone presence detection right?

As someone that has written multiple location-based software programs, this is something that isn’t exact difficult to master with cloud based architecture.

(Nate) #4

I’m with you there! This was one of the biggest features I saw with the platform and made me want to jump in. I’ve got a list of things that I want to do based on presence and it’s WAY too flaky to rely upon. I don’t regret starting to mess with ST, but dang this is a bummer.

(Bob) #5

I know this won’t help ios users but I have disabled app optimisation on mine and my wife’s Samsung Galaxy S6’s. Since I have done this both phones have worked faultlessly as presence sensors.
No issues whatsoever.
BTW I did increase the geofence area some time ago and this may also help.

(Marc) #6

Thx all. Good to know I am not alone and hopefully when the issues are “worked out”, it will hopefully go back to the way it was. Until next time…

(Nate) #8

@bobbles unfortunately since I’m on Sprint, it doesn’t look like we got that portion of Lollipop. If we have, i can’t find it and a Google search didn’t help. We have S5’s so who knows what Sprint allowed and didn’t. I’ve searched high and low in the settings and apps.

(Bob) #9

I don’t know about the S5 but on the S6 I did the following.
Open Smart Manager.
Touch battery.
Then under app power saving, touch the details button.
Now turn off app power saving.
As for ios, I have no idea if they use app optimisation so don’t know if this can be turned off.

(Nate) #10

I just submitted a ticket for this. I’m expecting them to come back and just tell me to buy the Samsung Presence sensors, but we shall see. Ticket 202109 if anyone wants to reference it in theirs.

(ecksomperudenlign) #11

Please let us know when you got a reply from them. Thanks.

(Nate) #12

They suggested I remove and re-add the device. I did so yesterday and I’ve seen immediate improvement in presence sensing…this however has now uncovered a new batch of problems. I now cannot arm/disarm from the SHM, I have routines that don’t fire, and open/close monitors showing open when they are not.