Android App Version Woes

Hi All,

I just moved from an iPhone to an Android LG G3 (love the phone) but the ST App on Android is a poor cousin of the version on iOS.

The presence side of things (using my phone as a presence sensor) is just not working reliably and I don’t get notifications regarding me leaving and returning home. This is a big issue as the alarms and monitoring we have set up rely on this working correctly.

The App is slow to refresh and update and I see more lag on operations than I did with the iOS version. When I go back int the App the screen I was in doesn’t update it stays ‘blank’ and I have to go back a couple of layers in the App to get a display of anything.

Is anyone else seeing issues with the Android App or have any ideas for fixes?

Thanks… PS This is the first post of a couple today that make it look as if I am really down on ST but I am not at all I just want things to work!

The presence thing has been brought up quite a few times by several people. I think some people suggested using Life360 rather than the native ST app to get more reliable mobile presence, but I’m leery of having yet another app on my phone, especially when the native app should be able to handle this.

Otherwise, I think there were some earlier reports about the “blank” screen and needing to force-close the app to get it to refresh, but those are less common.

Either way, I agree that the app could use some polish.

I don’t use my devices as presence sensors so can’t speak to that, but have three Android devices (Nexus 7, Nexus 7 (2013), Moto X) and don’t recall a single instance of the blank screen issue you are seeing on your G3.

What I do see fairly often is the Dashboard not showing accurate states of things. This usually involves drilling down to the “Recently” screen, and then back up to the dashboard to refresh.

@jonallsebrook for the presence issues, try integrating life360 like I describe here: Made a Mobile Presence Solution That Works (Android/Root)

It’s been working flawlessly since I did that. One other thing: you would have to remove any smartapps that use your mobile presence today and replace them with your life360 presence.

Two Android devices, and presence does not reliably work on either of them.
I tried mobile presence, and Life360, and both are not reliable (have Samsung S3s if it matters).
Am tempted to buy a presence sensor, but have been holding back hoping for a ST app update.

Will need to try the Tasker dependent triggering mentioned above …