Presence has been flaky last couple of days

In the 2+ months I’ve had my ST, presence (android phones) has been pretty spot on - no issues. However, over the last several days the system will arm, even though one of us (but not both) is home.

I’m curious if anyone else is seeing anything similar, or know how to resolve?

Same here. I use iphones for 3 of us in the house and they have been rock solid for a couple of months until one day last week. All 3 of them have been ‘leaving’ while we’re sitting here, and it’s really screwing with the WAF. Another symptom we’ve noticed is slow recognition of leaving/arriving to to trigger actions. Garage door is set to open on arrival and lately we’ve had to sit in the driveway and wait for it to trigger. Really frustrating after having worked so well quite a while.

Presence sensing using your phone has as much to do with your phone’s GPS as it does the ST app, as in, presence issues for phone devices can’t always be blamed on the ST app.

Presence detecting on my girlfriend’s iP6 and my Samsung Galaxy S6 has been damn near flawless. In the entire time I’ve had two false positives (which is bad for various reasons) and good handful of false negatives, i.e. sometimes even though we’ve come back, it might take 30 seconds or so to realise that.

The two false positives where when were were parked about a mile from our house and what you need to realise (about Android at least) is when it can’t get a GPS lock it can start doing things like substituting your GPS position with estimations based on mobile cell information (which sometimes just results in a ZIP code) or even based on what WiFi MAC addresses of hotspots are nearby.

There’s definitely improvements/extra safeguards that ST could make in this area though.

was all good up to midnight or so I would say here in the UK … anything that was supposed to happen this morning didnt - around mid day today its happening with serious delays … must be the platform again :frowning: as this applies to iPhone as well as ST presence sensor device

Got woken up at 4am with an announcment saying that my wife has left. Five minutes later I got another that she had arrived. Fun stuff.

Also, make sure you add like a 2 minute delay to any presence sensors, that way it can stop any erroneous GPS readings from your phone (again, not necessarily ST’s fault) from suddenly reporting you as being elsewhere.

ME too I have two androids that never leave, starting within the last week. Submitted a ticket. Must have done some system changes. Its not my phones, they register location just fine.

well the ST default is 3 minutes anyway for that reason I guess

Same things here, my cell left and returned last night and the night before. Unfortunately when this happens it turns off my alarm when it arrives again so it wakes me up and I have to re-arm the system.
It has been rock solid for many a moon before this.

I find when ST stops detecting an android phone (more my wife’s, than mine) leaving, if I bring up the SmartThings app on that phone, it starts working again for 2-3 days.

Same for me. Presence with 2 iPhones has worked nearly perfectly for a long long time, but the past few days it has gotten flaky.

Yeah mine too. It started about about 2 hub updates ago. It’s nothing serious. I’m hoping this Thursday’s hub update fixes it. When I check for how long my hub has been online, lately it’s been showing the day before like it’s rebooting itself. I don’t know but I think they’re rushing these updates and confusing improvemts to stability with frequency of perceived attention to stability. Anyway, we’ll see how many it goes eh?