Bad status updates and presence on Android

I have talked to the ST team and there aware of these issues. I have seen the multi posts on presence issues and status updates as well.

I can’t believe that the ST team do not have these issue as well.

ST team, when will these issues be address. In priority, the status updates is a real issue. The presence is a lower issue.

The Android app really has some big bugs with the status updates.

As an example, light turned on, on lights a switches dashboard, no change. When light off, status on same page change to on.

These are a mix of TCP lights and Zwave switched outlets.

This is the only app installed on any phone. I am not logged into any other device.

ST is a good product, and the only way to interact with it is from a mobile app. That app should be working consistently for basic things, such as status reporting of devices on or off.

I have a hard time trusting ST with managing my lights if it not repotting the correct status of them.

When will you address this? How about a sticky post with what your working on for the Android app and when the next release is?

Android device
one plus one
always have Wi-Fi on, always have high accuracy for location.


More improvements with mobile presence are coming in the next release (might go live today).

Devices not reflecting their correct status is another issue that we’ve made some progress on lately. There’s a beta version of our hub firmware that’s available by emailing us at that should drastically help.

I’ve proactively sent your hub an upgrade so you should see better performance in a matter of minutes.

If anyone else is having trouble the best thing to do is email us at

Thanks. Anything I need to do on my hub?

Nope! Just email us if that doesn’t help.


I’m on 11.705PIC and Zigbee 1.5.4 is that the Beta version you were talking about? Support says that the latest they can give me.

What’s the version of that beta firmware for the hub?

11.705 is the beta release.

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Nice, i must be special, i was already on it :smile:

Do you still have these issues with the status updates with the beta?

TBH I wasn’t looking for these improvements so I can’t answer that truthfully. But I will keep an eye on it! :smile:

From my understanding, geo-location services in general (not SmartThings-related) on Android are not as reliable as they are (now) on iOS and some improvements need to be made there.

Its device specific IMO. My GS5 does great… but my girlfriends GS4 not so much… Also helps to be on 4.4.2 or later.

It works great for us here, we have a Nexus 7 Gen 2 with 4.4.3, S4 with 4.4.3 and an S5 as well. They all work well.

Android version 1.6.5 was released today with some fixes for mobile presence issues. Email us at if you continue to have trouble.

Tyler, when you update the app, do you also post the fixes or things that were updated in the app as well?

There’s a simple changelog that gets posted to the Google Play app page. We’re working across the board to provide detailed changelogs for things like app updates, cloud platform updates, SmartApp updates and firmware updates.

@Tyler, yep noticed the simple change log on the app. And I am pleased to hear that you are working to provide a detailed change log for all items.

This will help us, and help us to help you as changes are rolled out. We can test and verify that they work and of course let you know when they could be improved.

I certainly want to help you guys grow into the system I picture you being. I assume others want to help as well (SMILE).

With the updated app and beta firmware, status still is just as bad. Presense it still broken. ST will mark me away when my phone leaves the geo area, but when I come back, ST never changes status to home.

ST team, any thoughts, or updates?

I have also tried using life 365. With the ST labs plugin for life 365, ST only set mode away when I am away, it never set to home when I am home.

Sounds to me like your OnePlus One or their version of Cyanogen is failing you here. I have always had problems with geofences and CM. My GS5 works like a charm 100% of the time. The update also allows my girlfriends GS4 to work and my motox is
MUCH quicker now.

Question. Do you have always scanning for wifi turned on?

Perhaps. Looking at the settings in CM11s for wifi

keep wifi on during sleep.
scanning always available.

I’ll go back to my 5s to see if ios is any better at this.