Switches/dimmers that don't require neutral line

Anyone know of switches or dimmers that work for wall switches which don’t have a full power feed going to the electrical box? see diagram: http://www.buildmyowncabin.com/electrical/power-into-light-wiring.gif

for renovated areas of the house we have full power to all boxes, however there are some switches we would prefer not to have to re-wire just to put in a smart switch.

we have one for my daughters main light that works like this but it has been discontinued. it is a GE Dimmer Switch ZW3003


I Think there may be a terminology issue here. Are you asking about switches that will work without a neutral line at the switchbox?

If so, there are a couple of options.

The Lutron Caseta switches work well and most models do not require a neutral. They will work with LED bulbs as well as incandescent bulbs. However, you will have to get the Lutron SmartBridge device to allow for the integration with SmartThings. One SmartBridge can handle up to 40 Lutron switches. These are popular devices, and I use them in my own house. :sunglasses:


GE also still makes one switch which does not require a neutral, but it will only work with incandescent or Halogen bulbs, it will not work with LED bulbs.

You can also use one of the Fibaro in Wall micro models or one of the Aeon nano micro models.

And Cooper still makes A zwave dimmer switch that does not require a neutral, but again only works with Halogens or incandescents.

For all of these, check the model number and the specs carefully, as most of the models for all the brands except the Lutron will require a neutral. But you can find some individual models which do not.

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thanks for the great info! I’ve been organizing the mix of things, wouldn’t hurt to get some consistency in what I’m using. for the micro-switches I tried them and had issues fitting 14 gauge into them. The luton Caseta looks pricey, but likely the best solution. their wall mounted switches would be quite handy!


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