Z-Wave or Zigbee Smart Switch that doesn't require neutral

I’m having trouble finding a Z-Wave or ZigBee smart switch that doesn’t require a neutral. I have a smartthings hub in the living room with my router and the smart switch would be for the bathroom. Unfortunately, there are two concrete walls between the bathroom and router, so a wifi enabled switch (Leviton) are out of the question. Any suggestions? I saw that GE made a z-wave switch (GE 45606) that didn’t require a neutral, but they stopped making them and I haven’t been able to find anywhere that sells them. Price isn’t really an issue, just want to get the last dumb light switch out of my house!

If price isn’t an issue, why not call an electrician and have them pull a neutral line for you?


You can also use GE’s Z-Wave 14299 Dimmer (incandescent only), or Leviton’s ZigBee ZSS10-G0Z switch.


Where do you see “no neutral required” for the zooz switches?

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First things first: Have you tested other smartthings devices like a plug-in pocket socket or a battery powered sensor in that room to make sure that you will get signal? Zigbee and zwave are both radiofrequency protocols, just like Wi-Fi, and are blocked by the same materials. In fact, Wi-Fi is a more powerful signal so generally does better. Are there going to be fewer concrete walls between the switch and the smartthings hub than between the room and your Wi-Fi router?

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