3 way switches without neutral

I am upgrading from x10 and was about to install a general electric 12727 master and a 12728 add on in a 3 way configuration. I discovered that both require a neutral. My light supplies a 2w to the boxes (line and load) without a neutral. Is there anything that I can use that is compatible with Smartthings that can operate as a 3 way without a neutral. I would prefer a simple switch but would consider a dimmer. An incandescent will always be the load.t

Lutron Caseta

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@Automated_House is right, Lutron caseta switches work great without neutral, and can integrate with ST.

But if you plan to use incandescent bulbs for the foreseeable future, you can try to track down older generations of some z-wave switches that only work with incandescents but don’t require neutral.

Sorry, I don’t know the exact model #s off-hand, but there are threads in the forum that discuss these particular switches.

Thanks for the suggestion. After searching for details on the Caseta I came across the Aeotec Nano Dimmer (same price at Amazon). It would seem that by installing a Nano Dimmer inside the light fixture I could have 3 way with conventional spdt switches and no battery requirement. There wouldn’t be dimming since there is no neutral at the switches but dimming isn’t necessary for this location. I only have two concerns with the Nano Dimmer: will it fit inside the box and will the metal box and ceiling fixture shield the antenna? Do you have any experience with the nano dimmer?

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Ive never used one personally, but others have.

I think from the instruction that the Nano Dimmer will also work as 2wire within the wallswitch box (without neutral) to incandescent. But not certain about 3way switch installation - I expect so.

The Nano is so tiny that it will fit practically anywhere. My experience with previous Aeon Labs Micro Smart Switch makes me think the antenna will probably work without special handling.

instructions link. I would mistrust but disregard the shots of weird (European 240v?) breaker panel.


I have an aeotec micro switch in a ceiling fixture, all my boxes are metal and haven’t had any issues with z-wave signal.