Switchbot Hub 2, Matter


Has anyone tried connecting the new Switchbot Hub 2 with Matter support to Smartthings via Matter ?

The hub is recognised as a Matter sensor and the temperature and humidity data are also transmitted. Unfortunately, secondary devices connected to it and its buttons are not.


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At the present time, smartthing still does not support importing nonMatter Devices via a Matter bridge. Any matter bridge. They’ve said they intend to eventually, but we aren’t there yet

@orangebucket has looked at the code, and said that a few matter bridges do have fingerprints, but other users have said that even when they were able to add the Matter bridge and see some associated devices, they couldn’t control the connected devices.

So I think we just have to wait until they are further along in their support for matter. :man_shrugging:t2:

Matter sensor and the temperature and humidity data are also transmitted.

I did not receive sensor data. It is just connected. Did you change something?

Mine is connected to SmartThings through the regular “linked services” integration, not as a Matter device, and it shows both temperature and humidity, for what that’s worth. It also weirdly has a battery report even though it doesn’t have a battery. :thinking: but humidity and temperature seem to be accurate based on another meter in the same room, and change regularly.

(It’s also connected to Apple home as a matter bridge, and it does bring in humidity and temperature sensor that way to that platform.)


I have also succesfully used “linked services”. Here’s a picture that shows the hub via Linked service on left and via Matter on right.


Maybe Matter Bridge support is coming in next ST Hub firmware release

One release note:

  • Added support for Matter Bridge end devices
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Yes, mattter bridge support is in beta. I’ve successfully linked my SwitchBot hub 2 and lock to SmartThings via Matter. However I’m having trouble with my second hub 2.


I noticed that the temperature is shown in Fahrenheit in SmartThings. Other sensors show Celsius and SwitchBot app and hub display show Celsius.

Would anyone have any hint how to get the SmartThings show it in Celsius also?

You may want to contact ST support and report the issue.


Happened the same to me, not sure what changed but few days later staterd reporting on Celsius, the only thing I did different on those days was install the switcbot app in an iphone (originally installed on Android). But showing Celsius now in both android and iphone.

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Interesting. I have Switchbot app and SmartThings app on both iPhone and Android. I’ve had the integration for 8 days now.

I sent info to ST support.

Hi given that matter bridge is activated in firmware 0.49 of smartthings can you now natively and locally control ir remote devices on the switchbot hub 2 with the smartthings hub?

yes, in theory you can. I haven’t tested it yet. My only switchbot IR device is currently on an older generation of their bridge/hub.

I’d love to see if someone can get this tested as I have the older switchbot hub without matter and would like to upgrade if this works in version 0.49

I tried adding my switchbot hub 2 as a matter device. I get to the internet connection screen, choose the wifi then enter the password but the confirm button stays grayed out as if my wifi password isnt long enough. Any suggestions?

Is this for the intial setup in the SwitchBot App? Adding a matter device to smartthings doesn’t require any kind of wifi credentials.

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No. In the ST app I went to add device, selected partner device, slected matter, selected add without qr code, entered the matter code from switchbot hub2, selected my desired ST hub (i have 2), pressed the 2 buttons on the front of the switchbot hub so its blinking. ST app then proceeds to select wifi network then enter password.

That’s definitely a bug then. I would report it to support.

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@Terri_Baker did you ever find a resolution to your issue I am having same problem?

@Fozzie2023 I did not. Still can’t get them connected via matter.