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I just installed a new SwitchBot thermometer with their required app (BT) and then went to add it to my ST hub. I got the normal message indicating it was now connected but I cannot find the device anywhere in the app?? It does have a generic device listing in the ST device listing and that is what I used but no luck finding it. Because it is BT does this make a difference? Have others been successful with seeing SwitchBot devices in their ST app?

Do you have a switch not hub or mini hub? You need 1 of these go link the device with Smartthings.

I use several Switchbot devices. You do need their hub or minihub for ST integration and then after you add the first device Switchbot Will show up under linked services, as the integration is cloud to cloud, not Bluetooth to phone.

I have the same sensor, I think, and it shows up fine, both in the devices and as an option in automation. Here are screenshots of that.

That said, the information doesn’t update very often, so I don’t find it that useful in SmartThings.

If you set it up with just the switchbot app, no Switchbot minihub, you will be able to use it in their app but you won’t get any smartthings integration.

I believe the OP has their humidity sensor. That does show up as a device in smartthings as long as it’s linked to their hub or mini hub.

Thanks. Guess I will need to get their hub as I add more SB’s.

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Ok, I now have the SwitchBot Hub Mini, Meter (Thermometer/Hygrometer) and Bot but only the Bot shows up when I added the SwitchBot device to ST. All devices do show up in the SwichBot App and also showed up as a Linked Service but the Hub and Meter are no where to be found. Furthermore the Bot A1 although shoes up as a device, it shows as ON until I press it and then goes Offline. Don’t understand the function of the Hub Mini as it only allows me to add infrared devices which I have none of. Can’t seem to get everything integrated into ST app ??

The hub itself will not show up in the smartthings app.

The purpose of the hub is

  1. to communicate with the Bluetooth Devices

  2. act as an IR remote for devices which have been defined in the Switchbot app

  3. provide a Wi-Fi bridge for third-party Integrations, including IFTTT and smartthings.


If you have set up a device with an IR remote in the Switchbot app, like a television or an air conditioner, then that device will also show up in the smartthings app. But the switchbot hub itself does not show up. However, without the switchbot hub, you can’t get integration with smartthings. It’s what’s enabling the cloud to cloud integration.

I have heard some other people say that the meter took a few hours before it showed up in their smartthings app. Not sure exactly how that integration works, but it does work, at least it works on my account.

Here’s the meter:

And here’s a television being controlled by the IR blaster in the Switchbot mini hub:

Thanks for the information. I finally figured out what was wrong based on your explanation of how it works in ST. I did not have the Cloud Sharing turned on for each device. Did so and both my Bot and Meter is now showing up in ST and working. BTW, I love that little Bot that is turning on and off a 277v PTAC unit. Thanks again for the assist.

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