Switchbot Hub 2, Matter

Have you verified that you have IPv6 support on the WiFi it is using? That is required for all Matter devices. Some community members have reported similar issues to the one you have when they didn’t have IPv6 support.

(Make sure you do this test when you are connected to the same Wi-Fi that the matter device will be using.)


For example, see the following discussion:

Weird ST app behavior adding Linkind Matter device

Yes I have IPv6.

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Then as @Automated_House said, that definitely sounds like a bug. :disappointed_relieved: Let us know how it goes with support.

What is the process you followed to bring switchbot hub 2 in as a matter device?

There is a side cut of adding matter from switchbot by adding switchbot to Google home through matter and then share the device from Google to ST through matter device sharing. This would bypass the network issue.

However, I have tested out all my secondary switchbot devices and notice many mugs below:
Switch bot lock - report unknown status when lock unlocked
Curtain 3 - unable to pause the curtain while moving

I initially got stumped after adding Hub2 into ST as Matter. To get this working, I went into the SwitchBot App > Hub 2 > Gears (Top Right Setting Icon) > Matter Setup (Beta) (scroll down the list of setting options) > Secondary Devices (scroll down the page) > Pick the available devices you want to bridge

Then the devices showed up on the ST side as well.

Just found this after figuring it all out the hard way :joy:


I finally got my Switchbot Hub 2 added as a matter device. Now my only issue is that they keep going offline in ST. Everything else in ST is online and working. My question is, when this happens what is the best way to get them back online?

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As most of you seemed to be successful. Any idea how I can get pass this error screen saying to put the hub into pairing mode? It appears every time after I input on Matter code on my iPhone 15 (iOS 17.4.1) running the SmartThings app (app version 1.17.14) and SwitchBot Hub 2 (v1.5-1.1).

For the record, I do have a Aeotec Hub


Current firmware version for my SwitchBot Hub 2 is V2.0-1.2.

Interesting. Mine is on v1.5-1.0 and gives me no option to update.

It paired fine with ST and brought all the devices I had linked to it into ST.

Mine is on V1.5-1.1 . Maybe there are original differences? I’m in the United States.

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or perhaps they offer a beta program?

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I’m in the US, too, so it doesn’t appear to be location based.

I just had a thought and checked the Matter Setup (Beta) option in the iOS app. It informed me that to use it I needed to update the firmware. That’s odd because I already added it to ST via Matter but I did it anyway and now I’m on v2.0-1.2. I guess I’ll need to check that periodically to keep up-to-date.

edit: It also now offers to bring the rest of my temp/humidity meters into ST, where they were not supported before, plus a device named “Hub 2 ON/OFF Button”. That will bring all my SwitchBot devices into ST.

Yep, that did it. I went into the SwitchBot app, then the Hub 2 details, then the matter set up beta option, and there was an update available there. Once I updated it, the firmware number shows as updated also. V2.0-1.2

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So I’m having a really strange issue after upgrading the hub 2 for matter. Over the last several days, I’ve had major wifi connectivity issues on my (admittedly limited) tmobile wifi router that essentially broke my 2.4ghz network once every hour. The only solution was to factory reset the router and then wait another hour to repeat the whole experience.

After quite a bit of fiddling and even replacing with a new router, I realized that the issue always occured immediately after smartthings would prompt me to add the hub 2 via the standard matter pop up.

After running a few controlled experiments (leaving the hub 2 unplugged and then plugging back in for varying lengths of time) I’ve definitely determined that the issue must be associated with the hub 2. It only happens right around the time I receive that pop up.

Any idea what the issue might be?

Did you solve this? Was trying to add a Hub 2 to ST last night and it goes through the “add to icloud” screen fine but then errors out when connecting to device. I did notice my Hub 2 then appears to be offline in other Matter-connected platforms after that. Something weird going on.