Switch to control a smart plug?

Hey guys, does anybody make a z-wave or other smart remote that can trigger a smart plug to turn on and off.

In my daughters room I have a lamp that she uses, that I would like to control with smart things, but I want to add a switch to the wall so she can control it manually. I know I could use a normal Z wave in wall switch without the load, but there is currently no wall switch in the wall.

I was wondering if there was something like the Lutron Pico switch, that was battery powered that i could stick anywhere on the wall. I don’t have any Lutron stuff and I don’t want to add another hub.

Thanks In advance.

If it’s just toggling on/off the Plug, you could also use this $10 button.

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As long as you are using the smartthings hub, any device which can talk to the hub can be used to trigger an on/off event for any other device which can talk to the hub. The switch sends the request to the hub, and the hub sends it over to the other device. :sunglasses:

There are many options for these. See the following two threads. The first is a recent one with someone who had basically the same use case you are describing. The second is an FAQ that lists the button devices that work with SmartThings. Many of these are battery operated, so can be placed anywhere. And some are Wall mount, some are handheld, and some can be either. Just read the descriptions carefully to find ones that match what you are looking for.

Also each post in the FAQ typically has a link to a thread that discusses that device, so ask any follow-up questions in the specific device thread, not the FAQ itself. :sunglasses:

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Absolutely! Look at Aeon’s minimote:


I have these all over the house controlling smart bulbs (in lamps), switches, and other things.

There are also a few good Community discussions going on about these, so do a quick search and you’ll learn a lot about them.

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This is pretty much exactly what i was looking for.:

But can someone point me with a link to the most current/best device handler for it? It seems like all I can find is stuff that half works or is older. Just really need On/Off and the dimmer up and down would be nice. I don’t need smooth dimmer operation, just raises/lowers 10 or 20 % every time it is pressed.


You may have already done this, but usually the quickest way to find device type handlers is to check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, in this case the list for lighting.


I think the most full featured one for that particular device is probably the one @whoismoses created for use with his toggimmer app. .