[RELEASE] Toggimmer & Cooper RF9500 Beast

Do you have smart lights like LIFX that you want to have in a 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, N-way dimmable setup with a physical dimmers without the lights losing wifi because you turned them off?

Toggimmer is a SmartApp designed to work with wireless switches like the Cooper RF9500 (link to device handler below) that operates wirelessly only and are not wired into your lights. Toggimmer allows you to select 1 to many dimmers and control 1 to many dimmable lights without having to worry about keeping these dimmers in sync with each other or the lights.

You can 100% replicate the functionality of this SmartApp with something like CoRE. The reason for this apps existance is that I felt something as powerful as CoRE was overkill for this kind of function. Honestly I think I get slightly better response time but I have no way to prove it.

“Togg"le + D"immer” = Toggimmer, that is the best I can come up with.

Also, I had a lot of trouble getting the Cooper RF9500’s to work properly. Basically they didn’t act like dimmers with the device handlers I found within the community. So I wrote my own. You can get it here.

I’ve been using the combination of this app and device handler on a few frequently used sets of lights (kitchen, dining room, …) and feel like I have worked out the bugs and they are ready to share.

Here is a pic of the Cooper RF9500


I have set up the device,driver and smart app you created for the rf9500. The new device and app appear in the app. But when I press the on or off switch on the device the blue led flashes but nothing else happens. The state off the device in the app remains on or off depending how I left it in the app.

Can you post screenshots of the Toggimmer config?

Sadly there does not seem to be a way to paste an screen shot image from android. Here is the device config from the developer site

Aspire RF9500 Device Aspire RF9500
Name Aspire RF9500
Label Aspire RF9500
Type Cooper RF9500 Beast
Version Published
Device Network Id 02
Hub Home Hub
Last Activity At 2017-01-09 7:33 PM CST
Date Created 2017-01-09 7:33 PM CST
Last Updated 2017-01-09 7:33 PM CST
Data No data found for device
Current States
switch: off
Preferences (edit)
Name Type Value
constrain bool false
Events List Events
In Use By

I think you can post screenshot, I can do it from an iPhone. I need the config of Toggimmer, not the device handler.

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I have spent over an hour between yesterday and today doing Internet research on pasting a screen shot from android. The bottom line seems to be that it is easy to do in iPhone but not a feature in android. Hard to believe i know. I can take a screen shot and share it as an email or text attachment. But I cannot paste it into this reply. The best I can do is send you these text parameters from the app.
Dimmer = Aspire RF9500 (the device I created)
Lights = GE Link Daylight Bulb
Options = blank
Log Level = Debug

Not much there.

To add a screenshot to this forum, you don’t do a paste. You do an upload.

Just take a screenshot. Go to the forum and find the post you want to respond to. Open the reply box. Type whatever you want. Then use the upload icon (the inbox with an up arrow in it) on the top row of the reply box and it will give you a pop up where you can select the image that you wish to upload as part of your reply.

Trying upload of image

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Looks like it worked. Thanks for the tip.

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That is the config for the RF9500, I need to see the config for the Toggimmer app. It should be something like this…

If you haven’t configured Toggimmer the SmartThings won’t know what lights to adjust for the dimmer which is why it might not be doing anything.

For “Dimmers” you want to select your RF9500 or multiple if you want more than one RF9500 to control the same lights.

Then for “Lights” you select the lights you want to control. I am using the LIFX group of groups device handler which is why it looks like it is just one light, but you if you have multiple smart bulbs you can select as many as you want.

This is the smart app config

It looks like it is configured correctly. Can you post some logs? When you press the button and dimmer? Do you know how to do that? It is Live Logging in the IDE…

I gave not done logging before. But I went into the ide and selected logs,from the menu to open logging. When I operate the dimmer nothing logs. Any other smartthings device I operate does send logs. When I created the device it seems like I did everything right but obviously not. In anticipation that your next instruction will be to remove and recreate the device I tried that. But it’s not removing. What is the trigger on the device to execute the zwave exclude from smartthings? I can’t find any instructions about that.

I believe to exclude you just put SmartThings into exclusion mode and keep pressing the button ever second. Wait until the app tells you it was removed. Should take 5-15 seconds.

I tried to delete the device it would not let me. After multiple,attempts I force deleted it. I created a new device in the app and then changed the device type to your custom device in the ide. But this one gives me an unexpected error occurred message when I try to us it in the toggimmer smart app. So I tried created another device in the idea but I get an error message there. I don’t have the time for this right now. I may work on it this weekend and return it to amazon if I don’t get it to work. Thanks for your attempts to help.

I installed the handler and it works. When I install the app from GitHUB it can not find it. I installed the app manually and I get the error “An unexpected error occurred”. Is there an update?

You might be trying to install the app from the device handlers page. Click my smart apps and do it there.

I tried it from both. I get the same error. I did get it to install manually but I get the An unexpected error occurred.

It’s ST-Toggimmer, not ST-Loggimmer.

I installed both the first ver and ver2. I always get the error ‘An unexpected error occurred’ Not sure why