ST equivalent to the Hue Dimmer Switch/Remote?

I am wanting something I can stick anywhere on the wall that would control smart bulbs via smart things. I would buy the Hue dimmer switch, but I have a mix of bulbs and would like it to work for either. Anyon know of a product that does this?

Sylvania Lightify/Smart+ makes a stick up switch.

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There’s this:

Or this:

The following is the full list of buttons and remotes that work with SmartThings. ( this is a clickable link) There are a couple of dozen there. Some are Wallmount, some are handheld, some are battery-operated, some are mains power, so read the descriptions carefully.

That said, as @Automated_House mentioned, The Sylvania dimmer is probably the closest that integrates fully with SmartThings and has become increasingly popular in the community since the price has come down. It’s officially supported now, so it’s easy to install. It’s battery operated and designed to fit over an existing switch, which is another plus. That way you can leave the power on to the bulbs all the time while having the button switch on top right where people will expect a switch to be. :sunglasses: