Xiaomi Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type [beta]

It’s been 6 hours now, still working perfectly. Also showing battery %.
I really, yes really, like the build quality. They’re small and very well built. Their range is also very good, compared to the Orvibo’s.
I also did not have any issues with messages not arriving (open sensor but still closed in the app, not triggering any routine) which i had/have with the Orvibo’s. (Don’t get me wrong, the Orvibo’s are great as long as they are in the Hubs’ range)

I really like these sensors. I hope they outlive any new hub-update.

Will test a bit more and will probably order another 10.

I just got my second batch of sensors, (first batch was just to test 1 motion and 1 temp sensor).
3 motion
3 door/window
2 buttons
1 temperature/humidity

I’m not sure if everyone is pairing them one by one but to save time I just entered pairing mode in the ST app then proceed to long press the reset a couple sensors at a time. Checked the Hub Events to get the DNI and added it to a new device and then when you rescan the “add device” in the ST app it shows up quickly where you can rename it and shows up in the Device List. I did this in batches like with all the motion sensors, then with the buttons and so forth.

The motion sensors all paired up quickly and got the zigbee ID. The contact sensor were a little more finicky one paired up fine but had to reset the other 2 but working fine after the second pairing only one didn’t grab it’s zigbee ID (will probably reset to grab it). Temp sensor was fine and grabbed its zigbee ID.

Having some issues with the button/switch at the moment. It detects the button presses in the Hub Events but doesn’t register on the ST App. Probably need to be repaired with the hub.

Everything that paired up seems to be working fine (only been 1 day) but so far so good. However I noticed that when you add it this way it doesn’t show any “Data” in the device page. The one motion sensor that I paired by having the ST App “find it” displays

application: 0B
endpointId: 01
manufacturer: LUMI
model: lumi.sensor_motion

That’s just what I noticed so far. Battery % shows up after a couple hours between 93-106%

Just readded the devices one by one using the long press and multiple short presses until the ST app found it. Noticed that all the ZigBee ID started with 00158. Got everything connected now will report stability later.

Also battery update is working great. Wasn’t much of an issue but I guess it’s more consistent now.

Okay, just fixed the battery reporting to not exceed 100% for those that don’t like it going over :slight_smile:

(Not been able to test it by the way as I do not have any devices that reported greater than 100%. So, if anyone can confirm it works that’ll be great!)


Just an update.
Another day, The door sensor is still working fine and reliable. Updates the status directly when i move the magnet the first time after a night sleep. (Does not have to wake up or anything)

I’ll keep quiet now for a few days now, otherwise it might be marked as spammer. :slight_smile:

(just ordered 10 more, hopefully they keep working)

My battery just went down to 86%… hopefully it lasts with my little experiment:

For some reason my motion sensor still drops off the network after an hr of inactivity. I have removed and readded the sensor multiple times and I have even removed the DH and readded it and still have the same outcome.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

the highly technical method of furiously pressing the button while it is joining and even continue after it joins. May even take many many tries, but eventually it will work.


LOL was about to say the same. I found the same with all my sensors. Once it joins, keep on clicking the reset button every few seconds. Managed to consistently join 10 sensors all in one session using the same method. (Hence I’ve never seen over 100% on any of devices I think!!)

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OK, I usually stop pressing it as soon as it shows up as a thing. I’ll try it again later with this new strategy! Lol

Hello Rave! Can you explain what do you mean - “generic temperature and humidity sensor”? Where can I find this code?

In IDE you have to select “Temperature Sensor” for the type, SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor works as well. Both are already there you don’t need to add them.

It worked like a charm! After it shows up in smartthings as a thing I just continued pressing the reset button for like a good minute. Now it stays paired and the battery level now shows up!


Thank you for your answer!
But unfortunately my problem starts when I unable to add this sensor to my Hub. When I long push the button the sensor blinks 3 times and starts blinking one blink for several times. After that solid one blink changes with double shot blinks. That it. Nothing added to my Hub and I could keep pushing the button for hours without any visible result… Do you know how can I solve this problem? My motion sensors work just fine…

I have joined all my sensors and they work fine. The only issue I have is the door sensor that does not show the battery level while all my buttons do. Am I doing something wrong?

I few people asked me before about a xiaomi smoke alarm mod. I’ve posted the instructions here https://community.home-assistant.io/t/beta-xiaomi-gateway-integration/8213/247?u=rexii454

Follow the steps here to pair xiaomi device


Thank you Rave! I saw this post before I have started my tests. But problem is that I do not have Xiaomi Hub, and I am not sure if it will work in North America(I am form Canada). and second method without hub does not work for me. When I start pairing and push the button on temperature sensor, I do not see any live response in IDE Live Logging window. Nothing change. Just - 12:26:23 PM: info Waiting on events… May be I check this info in the wrong place?
Upd. I found the info in Hub’s Live log! Let’s me see what I can do now.

You have to check the events in the hub events, not live logging.
Just go to the hub, scroll down and click the link “List events”

ah saw you found it :slight_smile:

This works in Canada. I’m in Calgary and have them working

[quote=“No_Name, post:445, topic:31948, full:true”]But problem is that I do not have Xiaomi Hub, and I am not sure if it will work in North America(I am form Canada).

Ciao fabrizio , provato con la successione di tasti “configura” e “refresh” da dentro l’app. In qualche post sopra c’è scritto di fare così e a me ha funzionato

Do u have some device handler for temp sensor to show the battery status too?

Btw ,huge thanks for your effort on this thread, got bunch of different xiaomi sensors ,all working flawlessly.