Anything like the SmartThings Smart Button?

I have a series of Hue recessed lights installed in a room for which the wiring prevents me from installing smart switches (three-way, light first, no neutral on end). The lights auto-on/off via Samsung SmartThings motion sensor. The problem is that when leaving the room, it is natural to hit the wall switch to turn the lights off, and thereby cut power to the smart lights so that they will not auto-on the next time someone enters the room.

I would like to add something like the SmartThings Smart Button so that someone can tap it, instead of the light switch, to turn off the lights, without disrupting power.

Unfortunately, the Smart Button no longer appears to be available. I see there is a Hue version, but reviews on that device are horrible, claiming that it eats batteries (not worth that hassle and expense); and something from Aqara, but that requires yet another hub (I have Hue and SmartThings covered, but don’t want to add yet another one).

Does anyone know of another product that may serve this same function, or an alternative work-around?

I would like to keep it simple (I don’t want a multi-button remote to be used for this single, simple, function), and in the <$25 range. I’m willing to branch out in brands, but don’t want new hubs.

Any thoughts or leads would be appreciated!

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I have 3 Aqara buttons and 1 Konke button (very little, very nice) that works with SmartThings hub only. It’s necessary adding DH for Xiaomi button (bspranger) …

What country are you in? The device selection does vary significantly.

There are a couple of battery operated devices that look very much like switches and that work with smartthings and that are easy to wall mount, but again which ones are available depend on the specific country you live in.

There are also some “smart battery covers“ which are devices which fit over a wall switch so that you can leave the power always on to the bulbs while having a button or switch device to turn on and off. But again, country matters.

And there are even a few devices which can be wired in to replace an existing wall switch but don’t cut the power to the bulbs.

Why don’t you start by taking a look at the following FAQ?

FAQ: Looking at a good Wall Switch for my Hue Bulbs (2020 Short FAQ) ( also applies to other brands of smart bulbs)

Maybe Ikea’s Tradfri remote? I haven’t used them, but they’re reasonably priced. I have seen conflicting information as to whether or not they work natively in Smartthings now, so you should check on that.

GoControl is $12 on Amazon 2 buttons… Shipping went up recently but it’s available everywhere…cheapest option…

GoControl WA00Z-1 Z-Wave Scene-Controller Wall Switch … › GoControl-WA00Z-1-Z-Wave-Sc…

Xiaomi might be a good cheap option also but I haven’t tested them…

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The smartthings button will be available again soon, aeotec is now handling distribution of samjin products in the west.

Zooz has a new battery powered remote that looks just like a paddle light switch. It fits in your budget too.