Swiid lamp switches

Hi I recently got a swiid lamp switch and paired it to smartphones as normal , everything was working fine until I noticed that it’s sometimes saying it’s off when it’s on and the opposite , also if I move away from the device page on my smartphones app and then immediately got back to the device page this seems to automatically turn the device on … please help as I’m trying to learn my way through … thanks


I gave your thread a good read and managed to get the cord switch working perfectly with your code , thanks a million mate , your a good one.

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Robin , I’m back again , everything was working fine for a number of hours and now it again has reverted to not knowing/reporting it’s state , any ideas ,tips or help would be greatly appreciated

Yes I did , do you think it would be worth doing it again

no joy , im prob missing a step … as i say im learning from scratch

okay im gonna give that a go , when you say re-assign the dh do you mean going into the new device and changing it from a generic zwave switch to the swiid one

ive done all that and am giving it plenty of time before i check , during the initial pairing process i do have to move the switch closer to the hub so it can see it , the final position of the lamp is probably 5-6 meters away through 1 wall , is this a problem do you think , i read that i may have to do a zwave network repair when i reposition the lamp so that the new route is recognised or something , when i tried to do it the repair failed

robin , first off thanks for all your help here mate , the way is just a standard concrete block wall so no biggie , i reset the switch back to factory settings and went through the whole process again , i had to reposition the lamp closer to hub but not much closer if im honest , anyway in its temporary position everything is working fine both switching and reporting its state , the other times ive done this it was also the case that only when i positioned the lamp in its final place that did i have problems with reporting , the switching seems to be mostly ok although there can be a delay at times ??? , i only have one other zwave device in the ouse so maybe i have a weak mesh/network ??? , im going to again put lamp back in its final position and see how i go

would a range extender do the same thing , im caught with no neutrals at my downstairs switches which is a bummer but something ill overcome ( im an electrician )

We used to use range extenders back with the third generation of Z wave, but at this point you’re much better off just with any regular Z wave plus mains powered device. This can be a plug-in pocket socket Or a plug-in Siren or, as @anon36505037 mentioned, an in wall micro.

Z wave plus has a significantly longer range than the older Z wave generations.

As far as concrete, concrete and adobe are very challenging for radio frequency signals. Even a single wall of this type could definitely impact range.

So you probably will need to add a repeating device of some type between this lamp and the hub.

Vesternet has a TKB home on/off Z wave plus pocket socket for about £29 which is worth considering:

After you add it, you need to run a Z wave repair utility in order to update all the neighbor tables and get the lamp to use the repeater to pass its signal along.